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Department of Linguistics

Emeritus Professor Pam Peters

Adjunct Professor
BA Hons 1 U. Melb., MA Hons 1 U. Syd.

Pam Peters is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (FAHA).  She was appointed Emeritus Professor on her retirement in December 2007, having previously held a Personal Chair in Linguistics. She was Director of the Dictionary Research Centre at Macquarie University (2001-7), and a member of the Editorial Committee of the Macquarie Dictionary for its second, third and fourth editions (1991, 1997, 2005). She continues to supervise research students and projects in lexicography, lexicology, terminology and terminography, as an Adjunct Professor in Linguistics and Research Member of the Centre for Language Sciences, where she directs the TermFinder project, including LawTermFinder.

Research Interests

From her research on Australian and international English, Pam Peters has published several large monographs, including the Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage (CUP 2007), the Cambridge Guide to English Usage (CUP 2004), and the Cambridge Australian English Style Guide (CUP 1995). Her Pocket Macquarie Writers Guide (1990) was translated and published in Chinese in 1998, and the Cambridge Guide to English Usage in 2011. She was editor of the language newsletter Australian Style from 1992 to 2008. At Macquarie University she led the compilation of computer corpora of Australian English (reference corpora including ACE and ICE-AUS), and is now President of the incorporated association of the Australian National Corpus. She has been a member of the ABC's Standing Committee on Spoken English (SCOSE) since 1996.

Pam Peters established the Postgraduate Program in Editing and Publishing at Macquarie University in 1989, and was its Director until her retirement. She continues to supervise research students for the Master of Editing and Publishing. Her interest in editorial style is reflected also in her convening the Style Council conferences (from 1986 on), and in contributions (six chapters) to the sixth edition of the Australian Government Style Manual (John Wiley 2002). She is a Distinguished Editor of the Australian Institute of Professional Editors.


A. Books I (authored and edited)

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B. Books II (edited conference papers)

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C. Journal Articles and Chapters in Edited Books

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Emeritus Professor Pam Peters

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