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Department of Linguistics

Dr Sally Candlin

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Sally Candlin is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Linguistics Department. Her current research interests lie in the areas of teaching and learning, and nurse patient interactions.

Areas covered include:

  • a problem based learning approach to client professional communication
  • nursing through time and space as reflected in the discourse of nurses
  • the constriction of nursing identities of nurses and patients: spatial and temporal effects.


She currently teaches in the post graduate program: Communication in Professions and Organisations specifically in the subject: Professional Client Communication. Her teaching methodology of choice takes a total-situation-focused approach, where students engage in independent and experiential learning which is facilitated and guided by the teacher.



Candlin, S. (2008) Therapeutic communication: A lifespan approach. Sydney: Pearson education

Book chapters

* Candlin, S. (forthcoming) The identities of nurses and patients: spatial and temporal effects. In Candlin, C.N. And Sarangi, S. (Eds.) A handbook of communication in professions and organisations. Berlin: Mouton. (Invited chapter)

* Candlin, S. (2006). Co-constructing knowledge, understanding, and meaning between patients and nurses. In M. Gotti and F. Salager-Meyer (eds) Advances in Medical Discourse analysis. (invited chapter)

* Candlin, S (November, 2002). A triple jeopardy. In C.N. Candlin (Ed). Research and practice in professional discourse. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press.

* Candlin, S. (March, 2000). New dynamics in the nurse-patient relationship? In M. Coulthard and S. Sarangi (Eds.). Discourse and Social Life. (pp 230-245) Harlow: Longman/Pearson education. (Invited chapter)

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Book chapters

* Candlin, S and Candlin, C.N. (2007). Nursing through time and space: Some challenges to the construct of community of practice. In R. Iedema (Ed.) The discourse of hospital communication: Tracing complexities in contemporary health care organizations. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

* Candlin, C.N. and Candlin, S. (2003). Health care communication as a problematic site of contact for applied linguistic research. In M. McGroarty. Annual review of applied linguistics, 2003 Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Invited chapter)


* Candlin, S. (1997). Profile of the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences (125 pages)

* Candlin, S. (1997). Primary health care in the nursing curriculum: a teacher¹s guide. Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences

Edited books:

* Kember, D., Candlin, S. and Yan, L. (Eds.) (1999a). Case studies of Improving Teaching and Learning from the Action Learning Project (Vol. II); Hong Kong: Action Learning Project.

Journal papers since 1997:

* Candlin, S. (2003), Issues arising when the professional workplace is the site of applied linguistic research. In S. Sarangi and C.N. Candlin (Eds.) Researching and reporting the discourses of workplace practices: Reflexivity in action. Applied Linguistics, special issue. (2003).

* Candlin, S. (2002). Taking risks. An indicator of expertise?. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 35, 2, pp.173 -194.

* Candlin, S. (1999). The identity of nurses in the assessment of older people. Asian Journal of Nursing Studies

* Candlin, S. and Leung, (1998). Health assessment and discharge planning in the delivery of quality nursing care in Hong Kong. Geriaction 16, 4: 10-14.

* Candlin, S. (1997). Primary health care: directions for nursing practice and teaching. Asian Journal of Nursing Studies. 3, 1, 15-22

* Candlin, C.N. and Candlin, S. (2002). Discourse, expertise, ad the management of risk in health care settings. (Guest Editors) Research on Language and Social Interaction, 35, 2,pp115 -138. [Special Issue: Expert Talk and Risk in Health Care]

* Harvey, K, Crawford, P., Brown, P., Candlin, S. Chaplain, Client Communication. (Invited co-author, submitted)

Numerous article, manuscript and book reviews including:

* Communication and Medicine

* Journal of Applied Linguistics


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