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Department of Linguistics

Sign Language Linguistics

The Sign Language Linguistics Group (SLING) is a small research grouping within the Department of Linguistics. Its members are affiliated with the Centre for Language Sciences, the Centre for Translation & Interpreting Research (CTIR), and/or the Applied Linguistics and Language in Education Research Group (ALLE).

SLING members are developing signed language research and teaching in the areas of Auslan/English interpreting, Auslan lexicography and lexicology, Auslan grammar, and sign language corpus linguistics.

The recent creation of the Auslan Archive and Corpus is central to our corpus-based approach to the documentation and description of signed languages. Our main area of interest is on Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and related signed languages (British Sign Language and New Zealand Sign Language).

Professor Trevor Johnston is the key research academic in SLING (current project involves a comparison of language variation and change in Auslan and British Sign Language, the Auslan Corpus, and the interface between language and gesture). Ms Della Goswell leads sign language interpreter training and research.

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Ms Della Goswell
Phone: +61 2 9850 9188
Visit: C5A, Level 5

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