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Department of Linguistics

Multilingualism Research Group

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Based in Linguistics and Educational Studies, the Macquarie Multilingualism Research Group works to advance transdisciplinary research that informs language and education policy by

  • deepening understanding of the diversity and specificity of multilingualism in its social and historical contexts
  • evaluating the impact of multilingualism on communities, social identities and life experiences
  • exploring the cultural and affective significance of languages to the communities that know and use them
  • investigating formal and informal language learning and teaching processes and their impact on multilingual lives. 

The group takes a broad view of multilingualism that accommodates language acquisition, attrition, and revival as well as variable degrees of multilingual competence and varied language repertoires. We focus on a range of experiences of multilingualism, including those of Indigenous Australians, long-term migrants with a first language other than English, second-generation migrants who have grown up with more than one language, and English-speakers with proficiency in an additional language or dialect. Our work covers the experiences of both multilingual individuals and multilingual communities.


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