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Department of Linguistics

Research Team

Phil Benson
Autonomy in language teaching and learning; Out-of-class learning; Language learning, new media and popular culture; Migration and study abroad; Language learning histories; Research methodologies, especially qualitative and narrative research.

Jean Brick
Academic literacy; English for Academic Purposes; Metaphor in academic discourse.

Phil Chappell
TESOL methodology, second language classroom interaction; Language teacher cognition; Digital technologies for second language learning and teaching; Systemic Functional Grammar for language teaching; Sociocultural approaches to language learning and teaching.

Maria Dahm
Professional discourse; Pragmatics in the workplace; Qualitative research in language learning and teaching

Heather Jackson
TESOL: Methodology, Language teacher cognition, Socio-cultural approaches to language learning and teaching; Professional  and organisational discourse: Stakeholder engagement, community relations, and the development of trust.

John Knox
Multimodality; Language in education, social semiotics and systemic functional theory; Mediated discourse

Olga Kozar
TESOL; Language education via video/audio conferencing; Private online tutoring; Peer-support online groups; Online interactions in educational contexts; Classroom discourse; Immigrant language education.

Cassi Liardét
Academic literacy;  Academic writing; Genre-based pedagogy; First/Second language instruction, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Corpus linguistics, Grammatical metaphor; English for Academic/Special Purposes (EAP/ESP); TESOL

Stephen Moore
TESOL teacher education; Academic and professional English; Language assessment.

Jill Murray
Pragmatics [acquisition of pragmatic competence, cross cultural pragmatics, politeness and face]; TESOL [methodology in context, classroom discourse, teacher and learner identity, teacher pre-service training and professional development]; Language assessment [professional language testing, test impact]; Critical Discourse analysis; CorpusLinguistics; Narrative analysis.

Mehdi Riazi
Academic writing; Literacy in second languages; Testing and evaluation; ESL methodology and curriculum, Language learning and communication strategies; Quantitative and qualitative research methods

Peter Roger
Professional discourse/communication in healthcare settings; Linguistic diversity/multilingualism and communication disorders; Qualitative approaches to researching motivation and anxiety in second language acquisition

Jihong Wang
Immigrants' English language learning and development; Effective communication strategies; Language as a complex adaptive system; Spoken and signed language interpreting; Translation, working memory, and deaf cognition.

Lynda Yates
Adult language learning, particularly as it relates to interlanguage pragmatics; Pronunciation and language in the workplace; Communication in healthcare settings; Migration and settlement; TESOL teacher development.