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Department of Linguistics

Language Speech and Hearing

Macquarie Linguistics has a long-standing tradition of excellence in research examining the processes that underlie language, speech, and hearing. Phonetic and phonological theory is investigated through speech perception studies and the analysis of speech production using articulatory and acoustic techniques. A strong focus is our work on accent evolution, variation and differentiation in the Australian context. The inclusion of significant expertise in audiology is a unique feature of Linguistics at Macquarie, which is reflected in ongoing studies of complex auditory disorders, such as tinnitus and auditory neuropathy, outcomes for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants, and the link between auditory processing disorder, language, and reading. Psycholinguistic investigations of reading are another area of strength, especially oral reading ability and instruction for children with specific reading disability, developmental disability, or hearing loss.

Focus areas

Audiology and Hearing

Australian English - Australian Voices

Conversation Analysis

Speech production and perception

Computational and corpus linguistics

Language and literacy

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