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Department of Linguistics


The Linguistics Department corpus website

This website houses a set of reference corpora for several varieties of English, including Australian, British, Indian, New Zealand and US English. It allows you to access these corpora using in-house search tools, and formulate string searches via regular expressions to extract complex linguistic items.

Access to the four sets of in-house corpora, and information about their content, is available when you log in via the button below. If this is your first login, please register an account below and a password will be provided to you.

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Special features and further information

  • The site also allows you to upload your own corpora, and apply the in-house tools to them, in a special section of the password-protected pages.
  • Links to corpus search tools developed by other corpus linguistics researchers are listed on the right (some are password-protected in line with their licensing arrangements).
  • For more information about using corpora as sources of empirical data on language usage - what can and cannot be searched for in computer corpora - please view Corpus Linguistics: Beyond the Basics (CASS-ESRC) [PDF 250KB]. If you require this document in an alternative format, please contact Adam Smith: