Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations - Staff

Dr Paula Hamilton

Adjunct Professor


1. I have been continuing to research and write in the area of public history, especially Oral History and Memory. see below:

'Speak, Memory! Issues in Oral and Public history' in Paul Ashton & Alex Trepaznik (eds) What is Public History Globally? The Past in the Present, Bloomsbury UK, forthcoming 2018 (4,000 words)

'Introduction: the Past and Future of Public History - Developments and Challenges' (with James B Gardner) in James B Gardner and Paula Hamilton (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Public History, Oxford University Press NY. (10,000 words) 2017

2. I also have an ongoing oral history project on domestic servants in the 20th century Australian home drawing on theory in the history of emotions and the senses. See below:

'Intimate Strangers: multisensorial memories of working in the home' in Joy Damousi and Paula Hamilton (eds) a Cultural History of Sound, Memory & the Senses Routledge, NY, 2017(6,000).

3. I am currently editing a book (with Kate Darian Smith) on Migration, Memories and Heritage which is under contract to Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies series and due at end of 2018.

Academic qualifications

B.A. (Hons) 1979 Ph.D. University of New South Wales

Employment History

2015-2017  Adjunct Professor, UTS Sydney; President Oral History NSW
2013-2014  Chair, UTS Research and Research Training Committee
2011-2014 Director, UTS Research Strength in Creative Practice and Cultural Economy and Higher Degrees co-ordinator until 2013
2011-2013 Adjunct Fellow, Humanities Research School, Australian National  University
2010 Three month Fellowship in Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University. Project on Biography, Memory and the Senses
2006-2009 Deputy Dean, University Graduate School
2008-2009 Visiting Scholar, Institute of Historical Research, National Museum of Australia, July 2008 to Feb 2009
2006-2008 Higher degrees Co-ordinator, FASS
2002-2005 Research Director and Higher Degrees Co-ordinator, FASS
2001-2014 Director (with Paul Ashton) Australian Centre for Public History
1998-2002 Director of UTS Research Centre, Transforming Cultures (a Research Strength in Social and Cultural Studies)
1993-1995 Head of Department, Journalism and Social Inquiry,
1987-2014 Appointment as Lecturer in History, NSWIT (later UTS)
1982-1987 Lecturer in Australian Studies, University of Wollongong
1980-1982 Tutor in History, University of Sydney

Scholarship and Research


2008 Faculty of Humanities UTS Award for Supervision Excellence
2009 Oral History and Public Memories, Temple University Press, (edited  with Linda Shopes, Pennsylvania Museum Commission) Honourable mention, NCPH Public History awards, USA


A Cultural History of Sound, Memory and the Senses (edited with Joy Damousi), Routledge Publishers NY, 2017

The Oxford Handbook of International Public History (edited with James Gardner) Oxford University Press, USA, 2017

Locating Suburbia: Memory, Creativity, Place (ed with Paul Ashton) UTS e press, 2013

Places of the Heart: Memorials in the Australian Landscape, Australian Scholars press 2012 (with Paul Ashton and Rose Searby)

History at the Crossroads: Australians and the Past, Halstead Press, 2010 (with Paul Ashton)  

Oral History and Public Memories, Temple University Press, 2008 (edited with Linda Shopes)

Cracking Awaba and Other Stories: Sydney's northern coastal communities and Mosman during the Depression, SHOROC publications, 2005.

Memory and History in Twentieth Century Australia, Oxford University Press 1994, 2nd edition 1996 (with Kate Darian-Smith)

The Irish (Making Australian Society Series) Nelson, Publishers, Melbourne 1978

Australia: a nation of City Dwellers (Making Australian Society Series) Nelson, Publishers, Melbourne 1976

Unpublished mss

UTS History, 'The City University' with Alex Byrne) completed 2009 (decision  by Vice Chancellor not to publish. Book remains in mss form. 

Book Chapters

2016 'Intimate Strangers: multisensorial memories of working in the home' in Joy Damousi and Paula Hamilton( eds) a Cultural History of Sound, Memory & the Senses Routledge, NY, forthcoming 2016
2015 'The Proust Effect: oral history and the senses' (originally published in 2010), re-published in Robert Perks & Alistair Thomson, The Oral History Reader, 3rd edition, Routledge 2015
2015 'Public History in the Twenty-First Century: New Directions and Challenges' in James Gardner & Paula Hamilton (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of International Public History (ed. With James Gardner) Oxford University Press, USA (accepted January 2015)
2014 'Generational Change and Conflicted Memories of World War 2 in Australia' in Michael Boss (ed) 'Conflicted Pasts and National Identities: composing Narratives of War and Division', Aarhus University Press, Denmark, pp
2014 'Contested Memories of the Pacific War in Australia' in Christina Twomey & Ernest Koh, (eds) The Pacific War: Aftermaths, Remembrance and Culture, London: Routledge, forthcoming 2014. pp
2013 'Transforming the suburban sensory landscape' in Paula Hamilton & Paul Ashton (eds)  Locating Suburbia: Memory, Creativity, Place, UTS epress, 2013
2012 'Memories, Migrants and Television in Australia¹, in Turnbull, S (ed), Remembering Television: History, Memory and Technologies, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012 (with Kate Darian-Smith)
2008 'Building Partnerships between Oral History and memory studies' in Paula Hamilton & Linda Shopes, (eds)  (2008)Oral History and Public Memories, Temple University Press, Philadelphia, PA.
2010 'A Long War: Public Memory and the Popular media' in Susannah Radstone & Bill Schwarz (eds)  Memory:  History, Theory, Debates, Fordham University Press
2010 'The Proust Effect: oral history and the senses' in Oxford Oral History Reader ed by Don Ritchie, OUP, New York 2010
2009 'Connecting with History: Australians and their Pasts' in Paul Ashton & Hilda Kean (eds), People and their Pasts: Public History Today, Palgrave Macmillan, London 2009 (with Paul Ashton) pp 23-41
2008 'Unfinished business: public history in a postcolonial nation' in D. Walkowitz & Lisa Knauer (eds)  Contested Histories in Public Space,  Duke University Press, USA , (with Paul Ashton) 2008
2003 'Memory Studies and cultural history' in Hsu-Ming Teo & Richard White (eds)  Cultural History in Australia, UNSW Press 2003.
2003 'Sale of the Century? Memory and Historical Consciousness in Australia' in Katharine Hodgkin & Susannah Radstone (eds) Contested Pasts Routledge Studies in Memory and Narrative, New York and London,  2003.
1999 'Journalists,  Gender and Workplace Culture, 1900-1940' in Ann Curthoys & Julianne Schultz (eds), Print Journalism,  Politics  and Popular  Culture , University of Queensland Press, 1999.
2000 'Irish women immigrants in the nineteenth century', Encyclopaedia of the Australian People , James Jupp (ed), second edition, 2000.
1999 'Inside Stories: Crime Journalists and National Memory in Australia' in Barbie Zelizer & Hanno Hahn (eds) Journalism Histories, University of Chicago Press 1999.
1994 'The Knife Edge: debates about Memory and History' in K. Darian-Smith & P. Hamilton (eds.) Memory and History in Twentieth Century Australia , OUP 1994.
1993 "Domestic Dilemmas:  Representation of Servants and Employers in the Popular Press" in Susan Magarey, Sue Rowley, and Susan Sheridan (eds)  Debutante Nation:  Feminism Rewrites History and Culture,  Allen & Unwin, 1993.
1992 'Oral History as Autobiography' in I. Donaldson, P. Read and J. Walter (eds),  Shaping Lives,  Humanities Research Centre, ANU, 1992.
1991 The 'Servant Class':  Poor Female Emigration to Australia"  in Richards, E. (ed), Poor Australian Immigrants in The Nineteenth Century, Centre for Immigration Multicultural Studies, RSSS, ANU, 1991.
1982 'Tipperarifying the moral atmosphere' Catholic Immigration and the State 1840-1860' in Sydney Labour History Group,  What Rough Beast? The State and Social Order in Australian History, George Allen & Unwin, Sydney

Refereed Journal Articles

2015 'Twenty Years On: feminist histories and digital media' (with Mary Spongberg) in Special Issue of Womens History Review on the Digital Turn (edited by Paula Hamilton & Mary Spongberg, submitted December 2015, forthcoming 2016

2013 'Memory and History in Twenty-First Century Australia: a survey of the field' Memory Studies, Vol 6, No 1 July 2013 (with Kate Darian-Smith)

2011 'Material Memories and the Australian memorial Imagination Melbourne Historical Journal 30th anniversary issue on Memory and Commemoration, Vol 39

2009 'Public memory and television in Australia' Media Information Australia, No. 131 May, pp. 136-146

2008 'Memorials in Australia since 1960' Public History Review, Vol 13, 2008 (with Paul Ashton)

2007 'Facing facts: History Wars in Australian High Schools' Journal of Australian Studies, No 91, 2007, pp45-57 (with Paul Ashton)

2005 'The Oral historian as memorist' Oral History Review (USA), Vol 32, Issue 1, 2005, pp11-18

2003 'At home with the past: initial findings from a survey' in Paula Hamilton & Paul Ashton (eds) special issue of Australian Cultural History: Australians and the Past national Survey, 2003. ( edited and published with Paul Ashton)

2001 'Servants of Empire: the British training of Domestics for Australia' Social History (Britain)  January, 2003. (with Barry Higman)

2001 On Not Belonging: Memorials and Memory in Sydney' Public History Review, Vol 9, 2001

2000 'Blood Money?  Race and Nation in Australian Public  History', Radical History Review  (United States) No 76, 2000, pp188-207. (with Paul Ashton)

1999 'Memory Remains:  Ferry Disaster, Sydney, 1938'  History Workshop Journal , (Britain), No.47, 1999.

1996 (with Alistair Thomson (England) and Michael Frisch (US),' International Developments in Oral History',  special 25th anniversary issue of the journal Oral History (Britain),  Vol 22, No 2, 1994. This article was translated into Spanish and reprinted in  Usos & Abusos da Historia Oral, ed by Marieta de Moraes Ferreira & Janaina Amado. Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brasil, 1996

1991 'Stranger Than  Fiction:  The Daily Mirror Historical Feature',  Australian Historical Studies, special issue,  Packaging  the  Past?  Public Histories.  1991

1993 (with Ann Curthoys & Julianne Schultz) 'A History of Australian Journalism, 1890 to the present Australian Studies in Journalism, No 2, 1993, 45-52

1992 (with Ann Curthoys)  'What Makes History Public?'  Public History Review, No.1,

1991 'Oral History as Autobiography:  The Invention of the Self',  Hecate, Vol.16, No.s 1/2,


2005 'Public History in Sydney' Public History News, Vol 25, no 3 Spring 2005,
2002 'A Place in the Suburbs' Locality. The Community History Magazine, Aust. Centre for Public History,
2001 'Memory and History in Australia' keynote address to seminar Adelaide, Part 1 in Word of Mouth. Newsletter of the South Australian branch of the OHAA,
2000 (with Lesley Johnson ) 'Localising Modernity' Introduction and six paper section of UTS Review, May 2000
1998 'Oral History and Memory', Oxford Companion to Australian History , edited by Macintyre, S., Davison, G., & Hirst, G., Oxford University Press, 1998.
1997 (with Paul Ashton) 'The State of History Journals in Australia:  Public History Review', Australian Historical Association Bulletin , No. 84, June, pp.19-22
1996-7 (with Paul Ashton) 'Streetwise: a survey of public history in New South Wales' Australian Historical Association Bulletin, No 85 November, 1997 (reprinted in Public History Review, No.s 5-6, 1996/7)
1996 'Are oral historians losing the plot?' Oral History Association of Australia Journal, Vol 18, 1996
1991 'History Round Table Discussion', Teaching History, Vol.25, No.3, November 1991
1991 Edited with Susan Magarey and Caroline Guerin, special issue of Australian Feminist Studies  on Biography and Autobiography,

Grants and Consultancies

Australian Research Council and Internal Research Grants

UTS Partnership Grant, 2011-2012, (with Peter McNeil) with Sydney Jewish Museum, Shmatte Business: Sydney Jewish entrepreneurs in the post-war clothing trade, $30,000
UTS Challenge Grant (with Peter McNeil,) Surry Hills: history, fashion and labour. 2008-10, $72,000
Participant in ARC Research Networks grant: Cultural Research Network. (convenor Professor Graeme Turner, University of Queensland) $350,000 from 2004-2009
ARC Discovery Grant (with Paul Ashton) Places of the Heart: Australian Memorials after 1960, 2004-2006. $200,000
ARC Linkage (with Liz Jacka) A Cultural History of Australian television, 2004-2006. $165,000
ATN Small Grant (with Paul Ashton) on Italian fruit Shops Heritage Project, 2001/2 $15,000.
ARC Large Grant (with Heather Goodall, Paul Ashton, Jane Connors, (ABC), 'Australians and the Past', and ARC SPIRT grant (collaborative grant with Museums Australia, Tranby Aboriginal College, NSW History Teachers Association, Australian Broadcasting Corporation), $350,000, 1999-2002.
ARC Small Grant, (with Heather Goodall & Paul Ashton) Australians and the Past, $17,000, 1996.
UTS internal research grant (with Andrew Jacubowicz) to research ethnic activists'  role in Australian public culture post-1945.  $30,000, 1995.
Ethnic Affairs Commission grant (with Andrew Jakubowicz) to research project on ethnic heritage, specifically migrant activists' production of multimedia CD in conjunction with NSW Board of Senior school Studies.  $65,000.
UTS Internal Research Grant  (with Ann Curthoys) to research History of Journalism in Melbourne 1945-1970.  $35,000.
Australian Research Council Grant (with Ann Curthoys and Julianne Schultz) to write a History of Australian Journalism. $35,000, 1998 - 1999.
UTS Internal Research Grant (with Julianne Schultz and Ann Curthoys) for a documentary history of Australian journalism 1996.  $20,000

Public History Community Work and Consultancies

2015/6 Significance Assessment of Oral History Collection at the State Library of NSW, Final Report May 2016
2015 Review of research outcomes and directions for future (part of a team), School of History & Culture, University of Turku, Finland,
2012/3, Oral historian, training volunteer workshops, and exhibition concept development for 'Dressing Sydney' an exhibition on the contribution of Jewish post-war refugees to the development of the Sydney clothing trade. Exhibition ran from September 2013 to February 2014. (with Peter McNeil, UTS) and the Sydney Jewish Museum (funded by partnership grant UTS)
2012 Filmed interview with Museum Victoria for Education program. Available at
2010/2 Transforming the local: gentrification in the Leichhardt municipality. Two Local history grants $10,000 assisted with is to provide a community resource for the suburban experience in the inner-city areas of Annandale, Balmain, Leichhardt, Rozelle and Lilyfield. 20 oral histories and a website. website
2010/1 Customs House, Sydney then Leichhardt and touring NSW Community Exhibition, 'The First Green Grocers' (oral histories and panel texts)  with Co-As-it. Original grant Australian Heritage Council to work with Co-As-it Italian organisation on a project to document Italian fruiterers ($5,000), 2000-2001 and Small ATN grant ($15,000).
2010/1 Participant in National Library and ANU advanced oral history workshop for practitioners and 13-14th May 2011 'New Ways with Oral History' workshop run by OHAA, ANU, Museums and Galleries, NSW
2010 Address to Professional Historians Association, NSW Heritage festival, April 2010
2007 Invitation to speak at Prime Minister's  teachers Summer School forum ANU in January on Memory and History, $850
2004 Canadian Museum of Civilisation, Quebec comment on Canadian Personalities Hall, Conceptual and Interpretation Framework, 2004, $2000
2004 Second phase of SHOROC project -  book utilising 72 oral history interviews as basis for text, 2004  $11,000
2003 (with Kate Waters) Phase 2 of National Parks work:  in-house published book on Mount Kosciusko National Park  indigenous histories for  interpretation of the Park, 2003  $18,500
2001/3 (with Paul Ashton & Jennifer Cornwell) 'A History of the Australian Heritage Commission', ($60,000).
2002/3 Oral History training workshops with indigenous  site managers and rangers for National Parks and Wildlife Service, Cultural Heritage Research Unit at Hill End , Mount Kosciusko National Park, Jindabyne and Blue Mountains, 2002-3
1999/2001 Successful tender to SHOROC (organisation of North Shore local council libraries) to carry out 72 interviews on the 1930s Depression for the various library collections. ($45,000), 1999-2001.
1999/2000  Series of oral history interviews (30 hours) with Hazel Hawke and her family & friends, commissioned by the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Archive, Western Australia ($3,000-$5,000) 1999-2000.
1999 Historical consultant and interviewee for international film series (English, Irish, Australian co-production, Cafe Productions & Hilton/Cordell) 'The Irish Empire', particularly for episode 'A World Apart' on Irish women in the diaspora, 1999
1994-5 Consultancy (with Andrew Jakubowicz) for Board of Senior School Studies to develop CD ROM on migrant heritage, particularly role of ethnic activists post-1945, 1994-5.
1993 Consultancy (with Heather Goodall) for historical exhibition development in new Contemporary Australia Gallery, Australian Museum, September to February, 1993.

Professional Positions

2015-2017 Elected Board Member of International Oral History Council
2010-16 Advisory board for Palgrave Oral History series in USA (also mss assessor for Palgrave)
2010-14 International Advisory board on ARC Grant, Australian Generations Oral History project, Grant CI Alistair Thompson
2010-12 Long Range Planning Committee, National Council for Public History, USA
2008-13 International Advisory Board, Canadians and the Past National Survey, (1.5mill grant)
2008-10 Board of National Biography Institute, ANU
2005-10 Editorial Board, Australian Cultural History
2004-6 Elected member of International Oral History Council and Co-editor Words and Silences (journal of IOHA with Gerardo Necoechea, Mexico)
2001-16 co-editor (with Paul Ashton) of annual volume   of on-line journal   Public History Review.(Assessment of journal's impact, subscription quadrupled by 200 to over 1200 subscribers in 19 countries. )
2001 South Pacific representative on (organising) program committee for the National Council of Public History's conference in Ottawa, Canada April
2000-5 Appointment as Contributing Editor for Australia to the Journal of American History
1999 Associate Editor, Routledge Studies in Memory and Narrative, Britain,
1999-2000  Member, Editorial Board, new electronic journal, Open Museum, (Research Institute for Cultural Heritage, Curtin University & Australian Museums Online Project),
2001-3 Editor (with Paul Ashton & Louella McCarthy) Locality. Community History Magazine, Winter and Autumn,
1998-2000  Secretary, Australian Historical Association Executive,  (Jill Roe pres)
1997-2001 Member of the Historic Heritage Research Advisory Committee, National Parks and Wildlife Service, (Cultural Heritage Services Division)
1996-7 Elected member, Management Committee of the New South Wales History Council,
1993-5 Advisory panel for ABC Radio, Social History Unit,
1990 Resident research scholar, Powerhouse Museum, July-December.
1989-1992  Member of Australian Culture Workshop Group. An inter-university group in Sydney which met regularly and held a series of one day conferences at the State Library
1985-9 Editorial Committee, Labour History

 Invited lectures and keynote addresses

2016 Keynote to European Union (COST Action) Conference  Transcultural Memory Studies Network, April, Bulgaria
2016 Invitation to Research Leadership Mentoring programme University of Melbourne  ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate, 8th-12th Feb 2016 talk on research and writing (ECR women)
2014 Invited member of plenary 'Challenging Governments: Oral History and Collective Memory' by USA Senate Historian, Don Ritchie, to International Oral History Association Conference, Barcelona,9-12th July.  
2014 Keynote ''The State of the field' to Oral History Association of Victoria Conference, June 21st
2013 1-5th January, invitation from National History Center, Washington to give a paper to American Historical Association, New Orleans  on 'The World of Oral History and memory, chaired by Prof Anthony Grafton.
|2012 Keynote to 4th International Symposium of Finnish Oral History Network, 29-30 November on, followed by lectures at University of Helsinki , University of Turku and postgraduate masterclass,
2012 Keynote to 'The Pacific War in Memory' 'War in the Pacific' Conference, Monash University, September (convenors Christina Twomey & Ernest Koh) 
2011 Masterclass to postgraduate students, in Memory and Transitional Justice (Prof Klaus Neumann) Swinburne University February 2011
2011 Keynote 'The many Lives of the Historian' to 'The Past Around Us conference, Lavalle University Quebec   29 Sept - 1 Oct, 2011
2009 'Defining Moments in Australian History, invited seminar, National Museum of Australia2009 Keynote 'New Media, Memory & Authority in Public History Practice' to Sharing Authority: Memory and Technologies' Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, (Professor Stephen High convenor)
2007 Invited paper to conference on National Museums, Prato Centre Monash University, June
2006 Keynote 'War trauma and memory' to Australian Psychoanalysis Association, Annual Conference, Sebel Townhouse, September
2005 Keynote speaker, 'War Memory and Generations', Uses of War, British Oral History Association Conference, July
2005 Keynote address to Museums Australia Conference, Politics and Positioning, 2nd May.Truth or Dare: authority and trust in history museums'
2004 'Television and Collective Memory', invited  paper to Australian Academy of Humanities Conference, Memory, Monuments and Memorials, Hobart, November
2004 with  David Blight, Ed Linenthal and Alessandro Portelli , Conference Plenary on 'History and Memory in Alessandro Portelli's The Order Has Been Carried Out ' Oral History Assocation of America Conference, Portland, Oregon, October
2004 Invited paper 'Looking Away: Memory and History at the National Museum of Australia' to  2 day symposium, on Cross-cultural  Future of the Museum?, University of Melbourne, July 2004  
2003 Keynote address, 'Only Connect!  The Desire for the Past in Everyday Life' to  Symposium 'Heritage, History and Historical Consciousness' University of New Brunswick , Canada,  21-22 October 
2003 Public lecture 'New Histories for a New National Museum in Australia: the politics of Memory', 17 October, 2003 in 2003 Shannon Lecture Series Representing the Nation: Museums, Public Memory and National Narratives, Carleton University, Ottowa, 2003
2002 Invited seminar on Australians and the Past, Monash University, Department of History,  September  26, 
2002 Russel Ward Memorial Lecture, ' Memory and History in Australia'  University of Armidale, 29  August
2001 Invited paper on 'The Media and Frontier History' to National Museum of Australia Conference on Frontier Histories, 14-15 December, Canberra, 2001.
2001 'Film and Cultural Memory' paper to Joint Humanities and Social Sciences Academies Symposium, Canberra  November 11, 2001.
2001 Keynote speaker to seminar on Memory and History, OHAA Adelaide, November 3, 2001.
2000 Invited commentator on a substantive paper by Professor David Thelen at the Organisation of American Historians conference, April 2000.
1998 Public Lecture 'Artifacts and Memory', Hyde Park Barracks, Powerhouse Museum, February 27, to accompany exhibition on Convict Love Tokens.
1995 Keynote address to Oral History Association conference of Australia, Tasmania, September 1995. 'Are oral historians losing the plot? Some reflections on oral  history and community in Australia'.


2016   Assessor for special issue of Oral History Review USA  - 6 articles
ARC Assessor 2003-2016 for Discovery, Fellowships, ECR grants, future fellowships; Laureates, DECRA
2014 Judge of Australian Historical Association Ernest Scott prize
2007 Judge of NSW History Prize, (General History and Community History categories) NSW Ministry of the Arts, 2007
Appointed ARC Reader, 2001-2003 assessment of up to 20 grant applications in each round of Fellowships, ARC Discovery and Linkage applications
Referee for Australian Research Council Large Grant applications 1990-2000
Referee for Australian Research Council Small Grant applications, 1995-2000
Referee for Australian Research Council Collaborative (SPIRT) Grant Applications, 1997-2000
Referee for ATN Grant applications 1998-2000
I have examined a large number of doctoral theses  from a number of universities around Australia (approx 2-3 per year) and acted as mediator in two cases where there was some disparity in the examination results.
Judge of the AHA post-graduate prize for Australian Historical Studies Journal, 2000 (appointed by AHA editor Marion Quartly)
Readers reports for publishers Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, University of NSW Press, Palgrave Oxford University Press
Journal article referee for History Australia, Australian Historical Studies, Labour History, Journal of American History, Journal of Australian Studies, Memory Studies, Oral History Review (USA) The Public Historian (USA) Oral History (Britain)

Conference Convenor

2010 Co-convenor (with Peter McNeil) ' Clothing in the Surry Hills Fashion Trade' 2 day conference, Design, Architecture and Building, UTS with representatives from various museum collections, curators, and industry professionals, also international economic historian Georgio Riello

2009-10 NSW Writers Centre, Management Committee, and Co-ordination of Writing History Festival,

2006 Chair, program committee for international conference International Oral history Association held at UTS July 2006 (bi-lingual 500 delegates)

2005 (with Nick Herd and Liz Jacka) 2 day seminar on the History of Television at Powerhouse Museum, held in conjunction with exhibition to mark 50 years of Aust. TV, November/December

2001 South Pacific representative on (organising) program committee for the National Council of Public History's conference in Ottawa, Canada April

1996-1998Convenor (with Penny Russell, Sydney University & Mary Spongberg, Macquarie University) of Biennial Australian Historical Association Conference, 5-10 July 1998

HDR Thesis Completions - 27

Diane Snow (PhD 1987) University of Wollongong
Benita Brebach (MA 1991) UTS (and all afterwards)
Colleen Chesterman (DCA 1995)
Zhang Wei (PhD 1996) (3x1) *signifies examiner report assessments ie 3 examiners gave a level one result
Jane Connors (PhD 1997) (3x1)
Maria Nugent (PhD 2000) (3x1)
Veronica Hickie (PhD 2000) (3x1)
Kate Evans (PhD 2001) 2x1) and (1x2)
Stephen Gapps (PhD 2002) (3x1)
Jane Messer (DCA 2002) (3x1)
Catherine Cole (DCA 2003) (3x1)
Nathalie Apouchtine (PhD 2004) (3x1)
Kate Grenville (DCA 2005) (3x1)
Scott McKinnon (MA 2006) (2x1)
Susan McClean (PhD 2007) (3x1)
Jacqueline Kent (DCA 2007) (2x1 and 1x2)
Rose Searby (PhD 2007) (2x1 and 1x2)
Denise Ferris (DCA 2008) (3x1)
Stephanie Ho (PhD 2009) (2x1 and 1x2)
Athena Masci (MA 2009) (1x1 and 1x2)
Guy Hansen (PhD 2009) (2x1 and 1x2)
Sarah Barns (Phd 2011) (2x1 and 1x2)
Jennifer Cornwell (PhD 2011) (2x1 and 1x2)
Scott McKinnon (PhD 2012) (3x1)
Ashley Hay (DCA 2012) (2x1 and 1x2)
Jeannette Thompson (DCA 2013) (2x1 and 1x2)
Frances Morgan (DCA 2014) (2x1 & 1x2)