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Dr Mark Hearn


PhD, University of Sydney, 2001 
BA (Hons), Macquarie University, 1987

Office: W6A 411
Phone: +61 2 9850 8824
Fax: +61 2 9850 6064

I have published and worked as an historian since 1986, researching various aspects of Australian history. My first book, Bligh, Macarthur and the Rum Rebellion (co-authored with Ross Fitzgerald), was published in 1988. I subsequently published widely in the field of labour history. Between 2002-4 I was a Sesquicentenary Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the discipline of Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business , University of Sydney . In recent years my research has focused on aspects of culture and governance in the period 1890-1914. In 2006-7 I was the C.H. Currey Memorial Fellow, State Library of New South Wales, researching the fin de siècle Imagination in Australia , 1890-1914. I am currently an Australian Prime Minister's Centre Fellow, Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House Canberra.



Current Research

My current research focuses on aspects of the history of ideas and governance in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Australia.

Currently I am pursuing a project, 'We are a free people: Alfred Deakin and the mobilization of Australian democracy, 1901-1911.' This project focuses upon the narrative of active, participatory citizenship, in service to the nation, that Prime Minister Alfred Deakin outlined in a series of key election and parliamentary speeches in the decade following Federation. Deakin's narrative constituted a discourse of rights and responsibilities that provides enduring lessons for an appreciation of Australian democracy and governance.

I also have an interest in the fin de siècle Imagination in Australia, 1890-1914. The fin de siècle represented a break with traditional Victorian values, seeking new sources of imaginative, personal and social freedom from the modernist ideas that had emerged from the mid nineteenth century, including Darwinism, socialism and psychology. My research considers the experience of individuals who embraced fin de siècle ideas, and explores how fin de siècle values and ideas influenced Australian society and governance.


Australian history, particularly late nineteenth and early twentieth century Australia; biography; labour history.

Research Funding and fellowships
  • Australian Prime Minister's Centre Fellow, Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House Canberra 2014-2015.
  • C.H. Currey Memorial Fellow, State Library of New South Wales 2006-7.
  • Sesquicentenary Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business , University of Sydney 2002-4.
  • National Council for the Centenary of Federation funding for the 'Working Life and Federation', conference and edited collection, 2000-1.

Selected Publications


Organising Union, Transport Workers face the challenge of Change, 1989-2013, Melbourne University Press Melbourne 2017.Modern History_staff_mhearn_book




The Birth Of An Organising Union, Celebrating 125 Years of Organising Transport Workers in New South Wales, Transport Workers Union NSW Branch 2014


modernhistory_staff_mhearn_book_1One Big Union, a national history of the Australian Workers Union, 1886-1994 (co-authored with Harry Knowles), Cambridge University Press 1996.





Working Lives, A History of the Australian Railways Union (NSW Branch) . Hale & Iremonger 1990.modernhistory_staff_mhearn_book_2





modernhistory_staff_mhearn_book_3Bligh, Macarthur and the Rum Rebellion (co-authored with Dr. Ross Fitzgerald). Kangaroo Press, 1988.





modernhistory_staff_mhearn_book_4Edited Collections & Editorial role
  • Associate Editor, Labour History, 2002-2014
  • Editor, Working Lives, 2002-2012, online labour and social biography research project:
  • Co-editor, workSite, 2002-2014:
  • Rethinking Work: Time, Space, Discourse, (co-edited with Grant Michelson) Cambridge University Press 2006.
  • Joint editor, 'Struggling for Recognition: the Individual in Labour History', thematic edition of Labour History No.87 November 2004.
  • Working the Nation, Working Life and Federation, 1890-1914 , (co-edited with Greg Patmore), Pluto Press 2001.
  • Reforming Australia 's Unions (co-edited with Michael Costa), Federation Press 1997.





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Book Chapters


  • 'Broadcasting Disruption', in Michelle Arrow, Jeannine Baker and Clare Monagle (eds.), Small Screens: Essays on Contemporary Australian Television, Monash University Publishing Melbourne 2016.
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Conference and Seminar papers
  • 'The great war for trade': the global context of Deakinite protectionism', Australian Historical Association conference, Ballarat 5 July 2016.
  • 'Contesting 'the Ballarat cry': Alfred Deakin's narrative of trade and race in the 1903 federal election campaign', School of History Seminar Series, Australian National University, 24 February 2016
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  • 'Cultivating a national spirit: Andrew Fisher and the Australian public sphere', paper presented at the conference, 'The Australian Settlement and the Fisher Government', Women's College, the University of Sydney, 30th April 2010
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Other Publications


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  • MHIS109, The Making of Australia, Unit Convenor
  • MHIS375, Shock and Awe, a history of the Postmodern World, Unit Convenor -
  • MHPG849, Australian Historiography, Unit Co-Convenor



  • Research mentor
  •  Library Liaison, Modern History
  •  Faculty Ethics Committee
  • Undergraduate Studies Committee, Department of Modern History
  • Library Liaison, Department of Modern History
  • Co-convenor, 'The Australian Settlement and the Fisher Government',
    Conference, Friday 30 April 2010, Women's College, University of
  • Convenor, 'Working Life, Enterprise and Arbitration' symposium for the Business and Labour History Group, School of Business University of Sydney, 10 November 2006.
  • Joint conference co-ordinator, 'Taking Care of Business? Historical Perspectives on Management Practice in the Twentieth Century', Women's College, University of Sydney Friday 5 November 2004.
  • Co-Convenor, 'Struggling for Recognition, the Individual in Labour History' conference and thematic edition of Labour History, no.87 November 2004.
  • Co-Convenor, 'Working Life and Federation', conference and edited collection supported by the National Council for the Centenary of Federation, 2000-1
  • Co-Convenor, 'Workplaces fit for Citizens? Workplace Democracy and the future of the labour movement', conference June 2001, sponsored by Work and Organisational Studies, University of Sydney and the Labor Council of New South Wales.

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