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Dr Alison Holland

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BA (Hons), University of Sydney
Diploma of Museum Studies, University of Sydneymhpir-ALISON HOLLAND_New
PhD, University of New South Wales

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Alison graduated with a BA (Hons) and Diploma of Museum Studies from the University of Sydney in 1988. After working in a curatorial capacity at the Justice and Police Musuem in Sydney, she won a scholarship to undertake a PhD at the University of New South Wales, graduating in 1999. She has worked in the Department of Modern History at Macquarie since 2005, specializing in Australian History and Indigenous History. She also teaches environmental history and Indigenous education. Her research interests are in the broad fields of Indigenous history, settler colonialism, humanitarianism and human rights. Her book, Just Relations. The Story of Mary Bennett's Crusade For Aboriginal Rights was published by UWA Publishing (2015) and was short-listed for the Premier's History prize for Australian History in 2016. She has also co-edited Rethinking the Racial Moment. Essays on the Colonial Encounter (Cambridge Scholars) in 2011.

She is a member of the Centre for Applied History and the Environmental Humanities Network.

Current Research Projects

Breaking the Silence. Aboriginal Defenders and the Settler State, 1911-1939.

I am currently writing a book about the politics of Aboriginal affairs in the first half of the twentieth century. In a series of thematic chapters I revisit the conflicted landscape of Aboriginal affairs to recover the debates and arguments about Aboriginal futures and questions around governance which were at the heart of settler angst leading up to the second world war. It is contracted to Melbourne University Publishing.

Historicising Human Rights

I am working on a project to have the papers of Mary Bennett (1881-1961) digitized. Originally confiscated by the state, in the course of research for my book I located many of her letters and other notes in numerous archives and libraries around Australia and in London. The aim of this project is to bring them together and make them available and accessible to a wider audience.

The Birth and Death of ATSIC

This is a collaborative project with Professor Larissa Behrendt (UTS) which will examine the birth and death of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (1989-2004) as part of a larger interest in self-determination.

Research Funding and Fellowships

2013/2014       Frederick Watson Fellow, National Archives of Australia
2006                Macquarie New Staff Grant
2007                Macquarie Research Innovation Fund (with colleagues from the Faculty)

Higher Degree Research Supervision


  • Jack Clear, 'Warfare of the Most Dreadful Description': A Case Study of Settler Colonial Violence in Connecticut and Tasmania (MRes), 2017
  • Euguene Schofield-Georgeson By What Authority? Criminal Law Reform in Colonial NSW, 1788-1861  (Co-Supervisor with Associate Professor Iain Stewart, Law)
  • Amy Way Between Discovery and Deep Time: A Study of the Cultural Representations of Mungo Man, MRes 2015.
  • Michael Ward The Cummeragunja Walk-Off: A Study of Black/White Politics and Public Discourse About Race, Ideology and Place on the Eve of the Second World War, 2015.
  • Dorothy Kass The Nature Study Idea: Education Reform and Environmental Concern in New South Wales, 1900-1920 (Co-Supervisor with Dr Mark Hearn)
  • Jarrod Hore   An Orientation to Nature: The Construction of Wilderness in the Work of John Watt Beattie (1859 - 1930) , MRes 2014
  • Carmel Kelleher, Quarantine Station North Head: A Cultural History of a Working Station in the Twentieth Century.(2013)
  • Bruce Dennett, (Un) Reel Blackfellas: The Changing Image of Indigenous Australia in Feature Films. (2012)
  • Megan Edwards, Sylvan Chaos: Cultural Identity and the Foundations of an Australian Environmental Sensibility. (2012)
  • Mandy Kretzschmar, Narrating the Other: Representations of the European in the Australian Printed Press. A Qualitative Analysis of the 1920s and 1960s. (2012)
  • Julia Miller, Soakers and Scorchers: A Cultural History of ENSO in NSW, 1890 to 1990. (2011)
  • Vicki Grieves, Approaching Aboriginal Histories: Family, Wellbeing and Identity in Aboriginal Australia. (2010)
  • Chris Naylor, Survival of a Nation: From Assimilation to Reactionary Nationalism (M.Phil). (2010)


  • Jack Clear (PhD), A Transnational Study of Settler Colonial Warfare in the United States and Australia: Geronimo, Jandamarra and the Role of the Freedom Fighter.
  • Amy Way (PhD), Old Australia. The History of Australian Antiquity
  • Ryan Spinks (MRes) Self Defence is the First Law of Nature: A Study of Frontier Violence in the Settled Districts of Van Diemens Land 1826-1828.
Selected Publications


Just Relations. The Story of Mary Bennett's Crusade for Aboriginal Rights, UWA Publishing, 2015.Modern History_staff_Alison_book cover

This book charts the life and work of one of Australia's leading twentieth century human rights advocates. It recovers the efforts of Mary Bennett (1881-1961) to found a 'just relationship' between Aborigines and non-Aborigines in Australia from the late 1920s, when the possibility of Aboriginal human rights was first mooted on the international stage, to the 1960s, when an attempt was made to have the Aboriginal question raised before the United Nations.

By placing Bennett's biography in the context of her humanitarianism-her crusade- Alison Holland reveals the ethics of care, as well as the tensions, contradictions and investments at the heart of humanitarian intervention. Along the way, she shows the forces and ideas which shaped Bennett's advocacy and the wider context within which her story and her efforts took shape. In demonstrating the close connection between humanitarianism as a political project and the rise of human rights, Holland tells an important chapter in the little known history of human rights in Australia.

Reviews and Comments about the Book

Holland's biography is a major achievement. It is also essential reading for anyone interested in Australian history.


A comprehensive and sophisticated study of Bennett in her ideological and political milieu and a thorough representation of the evolution of Aboriginal policy debates. [Just Relations] is an important contribution to Australian history that was worth the wait.


Rethinking The Racial Moment. Essays on the Colonial Encounter, Cambridge Scholas Publishing, 2011 (edited with Professor Barbara Brookes)Photo of the book cover Rethinking the Racial Moment.

"In this highly readable collection Alison Holland and Barbara Brookes follow the recent historiographical trend of rethinking colonial pasts - from the perspective of Australia and New Zealand. Essays by Ballantyne, Boucher, Grieves, Kerin, Rowse, Teo and Woollacott, as well as Brookes and Holland, focus on local articulations of race and their intersections with colonialism and its aftermath. By using the moment as an interpretive (not merely temporal) frame they re-energise debates about race and colonialism, pointing in significant new directions."

Book Chapters

  • 'The Yurtokee Club 1940s Adelaide: A Moment in Historical and Global Context' in A Holland, B Brookes (eds) Rethinking the Racial Moment. Essays on the Colonial Encounter, Cambridge Scholars, 2011 pp. 179-203.
  • 'Introduction and Conclusion' in A Holland, B Brookes (eds), Rethinking the Racial Moment. Essays on the Colonial Encounter, Cambridge Scholars, 2011 pp. 1-20; 255-261.
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Journal Articles

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Book Reviews

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Public Contributions

Wielding Her Pen Like a Sword. Mary Bennett, the Writer, Vida Blog, January, 2017

How Can Australia Build on a Century of Struggle Over Indigenous Citizenship, The Conversation, October3, 2016

Cheap in the Deep Sense. The sorry business of Indigenous Affairs, The Conversation, December 16, 2014

Historyonics: Tablecloth Depicts Frontier Violence, Radio National, April, 2014.

On Citizenship, Radio National, February, 2006.

Conference Proceedings

  • "'Wives and Mothers Like Ourselves': Exploring White Women's Intervention in the Politics of Race, 1920s-1940s", Martin Crotty, John Germov and Grant Rodwell (eds), A Race for a Place : Eugenics, Darwinism and Social Thought and Practice in Australia: Proceedings of the History & Sociology of Eugenics Conference, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, University of Newcastle, 2001.
  • "A Question of Land and Labour: White Women, Co-operatives and Healing the Aboriginal Economy", Conference Proceedings, 5th Women and Labour Conference , Macquarie University , September, 1995.

Conference Papers

  • 2018, 'Does the British Flag Mean Nothing To Us? British Democratic Traditions and Aboriginal Rights Claims in Inter war Australia', Histories of Human and Civil Rights in Australia, University College Dublin
  • 2017, 'Freedom in this Land. How Human Rights Shaped Postwar Aboriginal Policy', AHA, University of Newcastle
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  • 2006 - "Colour Not Civilisation, Contesting Boundaries of Citizenship and Rights in Twentieth Century Australia", Historicising Whiteness Conference, University of Melbourne.
  • MHIS202 Australian Environmental History -
  • MHIS301 Indigenous-Settler Histories: Comparative Context
  • MHIS204 - The Origins of Modern Australia
  • MHIS300 - Modern History Capstone Unit
  • INED801 - The History of Indigenous Education

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