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Associate Professor Robert Reynolds

+Robert ReynoldsAssociate Professor

BA (Hons), University of Melbourne
PhD, University of Melbourne, 
Certificate of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - from the Australian College of Contemporary Psychotherapy, and a Master of Counselling (UWS)

Office: W6A 404
Phone: +61 2 9850 7861
Fax: +61 2 9850 6064

My field is post-ww2 Australian History with a particular emphasis upon identity politics and sexuality. I undertook my PhD at The University of Melbourne, studying under two of Australia's leading gender historians, Professor Patricia Grimshaw and Professor Joy Damousi. I took up a post-doctoral fellowship in 1999 at Sydney University and a five year Australian Research Council Fellowship at the University of New South Wales in 2004. In recent years I have moved into oral history, deploying this method to understand how individuals are shaped by  history - as well as shaping it. The historical construction of the self fascinates me, and I have taken this interest into my other (part-time) life as a psychotherapist. I've written on psychoanalytic theory, but I come at this more as a practitioner than an academic. 

With my colleagues here in Modern History, I am committed to supervision and mentoring; the size of the department encourages integration of both graduates and early career researchers. I am happy to supervise projects that are set against the context of post-war Australian culture, politics and society from a variety of methodological approaches, but especially oral history and life history methods. I also have a strong secondary research interest in post-war America. Much of my research on Australian gay life has required knowledge of social and political change in the United States and, to a lesser degree, Great Britain.


Current Research Projects

  • I am currently working on a number of inter-related research projects:
  • The Past in the Present: Gay and Lesbian Life Stories
    With my colleague Dr Shirleene Robinson I am writing up the results of an ARC Linkage Project with the National Library of Australia which collected sixty oral history interviews of gay men and lesbians across Australia. A book from the project will be published in 2016 with Black Inc entitled, Gay and Lesbian, Then and Now: Australian Voices from a Social Revolution.
  • Volunteers in Crisis: Analysing Responses to HIV/AIDS in Australia
    An ARC Discovery Project with Dr Shirleene Robinson and Associate Professor Paul Sendzuik (Adelaide University) this study investigates the vital contribution volunteers made to Australia's world-leading response to the HIV/AIDs epidemic and shows the impact of this volunteerism on individuals and non-profit organisations.
  • The Plague Years: A History of the Emotional Impact of HIV/AIDS on Sydney Gay Life 
    This brings together my research on Australian gay life and my interest in emotional life. Much has been written about the Australian experience of HIV/AIDS from policy, social movement and behavioural perspectives, but little on the emotional impact of AIDS (at least in non-fiction). This project will fill that gap.



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Edited Collections:

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Journal Articles:

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Book Chapters:

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Research Grants

  • 2016 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (with Robinson and Sendzuik). Project Title: Volunteers in Crisis: Analysing Responses to HIV/AIDS in Australia. $214,131 over 3 years.
  • 2013 Macquarie University ARC Safety Net Grant (with Robinson). Project Title: HIV/AIDS and Voluntarism in Australia. $25,000 over 2 years.
  • 2012 Australian Research Council Linkage Grant (with Robinson, Jennings, Moore, Willett, Bradley). Project Title: The Past in the Present: Australian Lesbian and Gay Life Stories. Industry Partner: National Library of Australia. $148,939 over 3 years.
  • 2009 National Health and Medical Research Council Grant (with De Wit, Kidd, Kippax, Newman). Project title:Investigating the GP Workforce Providing HIV Care. $451,000 over 3 years.
  • 2008 The University of New South Wales Faculty Research Promotion Grant. Project title: The Plague Years: The Emotional Impact of HIV/AIDS on Sydney Gay Life. $3655.
  • 2007 The University of New South Wales Major Research Equipment and Infrastructure Initiative (with Kippax, Donovan and Chan). Project title: HIV Australian Material Digital Archive. $163,000.
  • 2003 Australian Research Council Australian Research Fellowship. Project title: Living with Uncertainty: Creating the Postmodern Self in Contemporary Australia. $500,000 over 5 years.
  • 2002 The University of Sydney Research Grant. Project title: Gay Men and Intimacy. $15,000.
  • 2000 The University of Sydney Education Faculty Research Grant. $3900.


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