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Associate Professor Aleksandar Pavkovic

MHPIR - Aleksandar PavkovicAssociate Professor

Location: Building W6A Room 433
Tel: 9850 7043
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Teaching Areas

  • POL206 Modern Political Thought
  • POL304 States and Nations
  • IRPG854 War and Violence in World Politics

Current Position

  • Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations in the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.


  •  1983 Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy, University of Beograd.
  • 1974 Bachelor of Philosophy in philosophy. University of Oxford .
  • 1972 BA (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa), MA in philosophy, Yale University.

Academic Posts

  • 2007- Associate Professor in Comparative Politics. Coordinator, Master of European Studies Programme. Department of Government and Public Administration, University of Macau .
  • 2007 Visiting Fellow, Department of Government, University of Essex .
  • 2002-4 Head, Department of Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University .
  • 2003 Visiting Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, European University Institute, Florence.
  • 2001 Senior Research Fellow (seconded) Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne.
  • 2000- Principal Research Fellow (Honorary), Contemporary Europe Research Centre, University of Melbourne.
  • 1999 Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.
  • 1998- Associate Professor in Politics. Macquarie University.
  • 1995-99 Director, European Studies Programme (BA), Macquarie University.
  • 1995-98 Associate Professor in Slavonic Studies, Macquarie University.
  • 1992-8 Director, Centre for Slavonic and East European Studies. Macquarie University.
  • 1987-95 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Slavonic Studies Section. Macquarie University.
  • 1985-87 Research Fellow. Department of Philosophy, University of Melbourne.
  • 1981-82 Visiting Fellow. Department of Philosophy, University of Technology , Delft.
  • 1976-87 Assistant, Docent in philosophy. Faculty of Philosophy, University of Beograd, Yugoslavia.

Principal publications in English

Books: authored

  • Identity and Nationalism in the Balkans: Anthems and the Making of Nation States in Southeast Europe. A. Pavkovic and Christopher Kelen. London, I.B. Tauris 2016
  • Creating New States: Theory and Practice of Secession ( with Peter Radan). Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2007. Translated into Serbian and published by Sluzbeni glasnik, Beograd, 2008.
  • The  Fragmentation of Yugoslavia : Nationalism and War in the Balkans, London : Macmillan Palgrave and New York : St. Martin's Press., 2000. Second revised edition. (First edition entitled: The Fragmentation of Yugoslavia: Nationalism in a Multinational State, London: Macmillan, 1997. Translation into Armenian published by Zangak-Press, Yerevan , 2007.
  • Slobodan Jovanovic : An Unsentimental Approach to Politics. New York: East European Monographs/ Columbia University Press, 1993. Translated into Serbian and published by Institut za Politicke Studije, Beograd, 1996. Second revised edition published by Sluzbeni hlasnik, Beograd 2008.

Books and special issue journals (editor)

  • Separatism and Secessionism in Europe and Asia: To Have a State of One's Own (with Jean-Pierre Cabestan),  London: Routledge, 2013.
  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Secession (with Peter Radan). Farnham, Ashgate, 2011 (pp.511). Introductions by the editors.
  • On the way to statehood: secession and globalisation. Edited by Aleksandar Pavkovic and Peter Radan. Aldershot, Ashgate 2008. Introduction by A. Pavkovic.
  • Patriotism: political and philosophical perspectives , edited by Aleksandar Pavkovic and Igor Primoratz, Aldershot: Ashgate 2008. Introduction by the editors.
  • Identity, Self-Determination and Secession, edited by Igor Primoratz and Aleksandar Pavkovic, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006. Introduction by the editors.
  • Self-determination, Secession and the Creation of States , guest editors Aleksandar Pavkovic and Peter Radan, Macquarie Law Journal, Vol. 3, 2003.
  • The Disintegration of Yugoslavia: Avoidable or Inevitable? special issue of The Nationalities Papers , No. 3, Vol. 25. New York, 1997.
  • Nationalism and Postcommunism: A Collection of Essays. edited by A. Pavkovic, H.Koscharsky and A.Czarnota. Aldershort and Brookfield, Vermont: Dartmouth Publishing, 1995. pp.173. Introduction by the editors.
  • Contemporary Yugoslav Philosophy: The Analytic Approach, Dordercht and New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988, Introduction by A. Pavkovic.

Chapters in books

  • 'How to Secede in Europe: Beyond Nationalism,' Nationalism in Asia and Europe. edited by Hofmeister, W., Rueppel, P., Sarmah, M.  Singapore, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, , 2015. pp.41-53.
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  • 'Secession and separatism from a comparative perspective: an introduction', Pavković, Aleksandar i Cabestan, Jean Pierre, in Separatism and Secessionism in Europe and Asia: To Have a State of One's Own, edited by Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Aleksandar Pavkovic.  London, Routledge 2013, pp.1-19.
  • 'Seceding by the force of arms: Kosovo and Chechnya' in Separatism and Secessionism in Europe and Asia: To Have a State of One's Own, edited by Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Aleksandar Pavkovic.  London, Routledge 2013, pp. 99-109.
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Articles in refereed journals

  • 'Zdravljica" - toast to a cosmopolitan nation anthem quality in the Slovenian context,' Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, July 2014: DOI: 10.1080/00905992.2014.916664 (co-author Christopher Kelen)
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Encyclopaedia entry:

  • 'South Slavs, Philosophy of' (with Zivan Lazovic). Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, London 1998, Volume 9, pp. 48-56.