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About the Project


The Gallipoli Centenary Research Project was conceived by Turkey and Gallipoli specialist and author, Harvey Broadbent who noted that at the start of the 21st century both Turkey and Australia had grasped relevance to their national identities and ideals in the Gallipoli Campaign. Each year over the past decade in both Australia and Turkey there had been an increasing amount of public, media, academic and governmental interest in the campaign and its perceived importance to the national psyche of both nations. It is a phenomenon, emanating from the reactions of ordinary people in Australia and Turkey, which has been sensed and responded to by their governments in various ways and which has brought those two countries into a closer and a special relationship.

Pilot Program

Macquarie University developed the partnership with Harvey Broadbent from November 2005 with the commencement of an 8-month Pilot Program funded by the university to examine the potential of the partnerships and the practicalities of researching Gallipoli files in the Turkish Archives. Harvey Broadbent was appointed Senior Research Fellow in Modern History at Macquarie University, and he revealed the existence of a large collection of un-researched files each containing hundreds of documents relating to the Turkish conduct of the Gallipoli Campaign in the Turkish General Staff Archives. From research in the Turkish military archives Harvey produced a catalogue in English of files for examination and subsequent translation as the first stage in the project. This catalogue remains a valuable research tool as it guides researchers towards relevant files in the archives.


The Gallipoli Centenary Research Project operated from 2006 to 2012 as a partnership between Australian and Turkish organizations- Australia's Macquarie University, the Australian War Memorial and the Australian Research Council on one side, Turkey's Middle East Technical University and Turkish Military Archives on the other. The project was funded over 5 years with assistance from the Australian research Council. The goal of the project was to produce a more comprehensive account of the Gallipoli Campaign by investigating the large and previously un-researched collections of Turkish documentation of the campaign.