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Gallipoli Centenary Research Project

Gallipoli Centenary Research Project - Completing the story - researching Gallipoli in the Turkish Military Archives

The Gallipoli Centenary Research Project reveals a large collection of important documents and other materials related to the Turkish conduct of the Gallipoli campaign. The Project's outcomes include two books which tell the story of Gallipoli comprehensively from the Turkish side: Gallipoli, the Turkish Defence and Defending Gallipoli, the Turkish Story.

About the Project

The project is a partnership between Macquarie University, the Australian War Memorial, the Australian Research Council, Middle East Technical University, and Turkish Military Archives.

Gallipoli, the Turkish Defence and Defending Gallipoli, the Turkish Story

The project investigated documents from the Turkish archives including battlefield reports and signals, War Ministry communications, and diaries. Check out the interactive timeline of translated Turkish documents.


The Project Director, Associate Professor Harvey Broadbent, has made a career long study of the Gallipoli Campaign.

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