Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations Units

Australian Politics and Public Policy

At first-year and second-year levels the units concentrate on familiarising students with institutional structures and recent political history, on introducing basic concepts and analytical approaches to the study of politics, and on exploring the relationship between certain practices and aspects of political theory. In some third-year units students are introduced to general theories and approaches to policy analysis.

International Relations

Units in this field look at Australia and its region, United States foreign policy and the international relations of the Third World. Later units develop the advanced study of particular aspects of policy formation.

Political Theory

The objective of this strand is to introduce students to major debates in the field and different ways of political thinking. All students pursuing a coherent course of study in Politics are strongly encouraged to enrol in at least one political theory unit at second-year or third-year level. Students are introduced to the ideas of influential political theorists and to debates about democracy, liberalism, justice, feminism and civil society.

Area Studies

This strand concentrates on the way in which internal and external factors shape political developments in countries other than Australia. The main areas covered are the United States, the Middle East, Latin America, China, South Asia and Europe.

Please consult the Postgraduate Studies section of the Macquarie University Handbook for the latest information about units. Note that some units outside the Disciplines of Politics and International Relations may not be taught every year and/or externally. You will need to check this with the appropriate department prior to enrolment.