Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations


The following prizes are offered in Modern History, Politics and International Relations:

The Aisling Society Prize

For the best essay in Irish or Irish-Australian history or literature at 100, 200, 300 or 400 level or in a Master of Arts in the Dept Modern History or English

Audrey Meany Essay Prize in Medieval or Renaissance Studies

For proficiency in second or third year units relating to Medieval or Renaissance Studies

The Australian Federation of Graduate Women New South Wales (North Shore Group) Prize for 200-Level History

For proficiency by a female student in at least two 200 level units in Modern History

The Bill Edmonds Prize for Modern European History

For proficiency in the unit  MHIS221 or  MHIS321 or any 200 or 300 level units in Modern History deemed to be substantively " European" in content

The Bruce Mansfield History Prize in Modern History

For proficiency in the Modern History MRes Program

The Harry Henderson Memorial Prize

Open to all students proceeding to the degree of Bachelor. Awarded for proficiency in 100-level Modern History.

The Irish Famine Memorial Prize

Awarded for an Honours thesis on an Irish or Irish Australian topic or on a global problem in the modern world which might include famine, poverty, mass emigration, refugees or political upheaval.

The Jill Roe Prize

Awarded for proficiency in any 300-level History unit

Michael Wills Prize in International Politics

for proficiency in the combination of the three units POL279 International Relations, POL389 American Foreign Policy Toward the Third World, and/or POL308 Australian Foreign Policy.

M J D Roberts Memorial Prize

For proficiency at 200-level unit in Modern History 

Murray Goot Essay Prize in Australian Politics

For most outstanding essay in 300 level unit in Australian Politics

The Stephen Shortus Memorial Prize

Open to all candidates proceeding to an award under the Bachelor Degree Regulations (other than candidates for an honours degree). Awarded for an essay submitted for any 200-level unit in the Departments of English, Modern History, Critical and Cultural Studies.

The Waratah Medal in Australian History

For proficiency in a essay on Australian history. (Medal and name on Honour Board)