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What our students say about the International Studies Internship Program

Hai Trieu Nguyen
Hai Trieu Nguyen

Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Environmental Advocacy Internship

"The internship program was designed to let me reflect upon my work, which I don't normally do, and I think that is excellent. I found that I was able to think critically about my accomplished tasks, hence reinforcing my learning and understandings at work. I felt that it has been a good guidance and it would be beneficial if I continue to apply this reflection method later on my future jobs."


Moises ArevaloMoises Arevalo

ISIS Foundation, Communications Internship

"My internship helped me to improve my communication skills. Now I feel more confident about myself because I am sure I can do professional tasks in English. I think I have improved my skills of organisation and time management, since I had to work with different projects with different priority at the same time. I also think I developed my cross-cultural sensitivity, because I had to work with people from different backgrounds, beliefs and values."


Xinyuan LiuXinyuan Liu

Australia China Business Council, International Trade Internship

"I would definitely encourage other students to do the internship program. Through real-life experiences, they will find their hidden potential. The internship can enrich our study life while preparing us for our future career."



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