Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations

History Initiates

History Initiates

History Initiates is a new student journal published by the Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University, to showcase our students' finest work at all levels - from first year history students to MA students. The journal is published twice a year.

The idea for this journal arose because, for some years now, many of our students have conceived of and written outstanding research essays in the course of their studies. It seemed a shame that their efforts should only be viewed by the person who marked these essays. As a department, we are proud of their achievements and we want other people to be able to read what our students can produce.

The essays selected for History Initiates meet two criteria: (1) they arise from original research projects rather than questions set by the course convenor; and (2) they are among the most outstanding essays produced in all courses throughout a particular teaching semester. The essays are in a fairly 'raw' state; there has been very little editing work done on them because the point is to show what students themselves are capable of. With the publication of their work in this journal, we believe that students initiate new conversations about historical topics and history as a discipline, and we also believe that these students are 'initiates' into the joys of practising history.

We hope you enjoy reading History Initiates.