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Dr Ben Spies-Butcher

Benjamin Spies-ButcherSenior Lecturer

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Ben Spies-Butcher lectures in Economy and Society in the Department of Sociology. Ben completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Sydney while working in the non-government sector on issues of human rights. His research focuses on the political economy of social policy. He is Director of the Masters of Policy and Applied Social Research, and the Major in Political Economy and Social Policy. In addition to his academic publications, Ben is a regular contributor to The Conversation and is a Social Policy Whisperer for Power to Persuade. Ben is a Research Associate at the Retirement Policy and Research Centre at the University of Auckland, a member of the Policy Advisory Group for COTA NSW and a board member of Shelter NSW. He is also the 2017 Glenda Powell National Travelling Fellow for the Australian Association of Gerontology.



Google Scholar Publications Listing

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