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Dr Adam Stebbing


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Adam Stebbing is a sociologist broadly interested in the interactions of social policy, tax and inequality in ageing societies. He teaches and undertakes research in applied sociology in the Department of Sociology at Macquarie University in Sydney. He also directs and advises in the undergraduate social science degree, teaching core second and third year units. Currently, his multiple research interests include: the implications that the rapid growth of middle class welfare delivered through the tax system for Australian social policy; exploring the policy shift toward private retirement savings as the population ages; developing an outcomes measure for community aged care, and, advancing a sociological understanding homelessness.


  • SSC200 - Evaluation & the Social Sciences
  • SSC300 - Advanced Social Research Methods
  • SOC810/SOCX810 - Developing Social Policy (also SOCI704)
  • SOC811/SOCX811 - North, South, East & West: Comparative social policy


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Journal Articles

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