Department of Sociology

Micronationalism Conference


A one day conference on micronationalism being held this Saturday, 17 April 2010.

This independent conference is being supported by the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University and held in the community hall on Dangar Island.

Conference convenors are Dr Judy Lattas of Macquarie University, Princess Paula of The Principality of Snake Hill and His Imperial Majesty George II of The Empire of Atlantium.

The themes of the one day conference will include:

  • A union of micronations- what are the possibilities?
  • The theatre of micronationalism- what are the possibilities?
  • How should micronationalism be analysed, intellectually?
  • How should micronationalism be analysed, politically?
  • The local character of micronationalism - examples
  • The global character of micronationalism- examples
  • What kinds of practical advice can be shared?
  • What kinds of experiences can be shared?