Department of Security Studies and Criminology

Dr. Rolando Ochoa


DPhil, University of Oxford, 2012, MPhil, University of Oxford, 2007

Research interests

  • Organized crime (Latin America and Asia Pacific)
  • The political economy of crime
  • Governance of criminal organizations
  • Trust and reputation
  • Signaling

Rolando is currently focusing his research on the recruitment practices of criminal organizations, as well as the presence of Mexican drug cartels in the Asia Pacific region.


Dr. Rolando Ochoa is a Lecturer at the Department of Security Studies and Criminology. He holds a PhD in Sociology and an MPhil in Latin American Studies, both from the University of Oxford, UK. He has carried out research on the history and political economy of kidnapping in Mexico, as well as the impact of organized crime on fragile states.  He has also focused on how how individuals solve issues of trust and reputation in contexts of weak rule of law and inside criminal organizations.

Prior to joining SSC, he was a post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer at the School of Sociology, at the Australian National University (ANU). He has also worked as a Senior Analyst at the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC) in Canada, where he acquired important policy experience and a Senior Researcher at the Asia Pacific Centre for the Prevention of Crime (APCPC), at Griffith University.


  • PICT203 Policing and Crime
  • PICT301 Global and Strategic Issues in Criminology

Available student projects

I welcome PhD, graduate and undergraduate theses that broadly address my research interests identified above.



Ochoa, R. Intimate Crimes: Gangs, Kidnapping and Trust in Mexico City. (Forthcoming). Oxford University Press.

Journal articles

  • Ochoa, Rolando. 2012. "Not Just the Rich: New Tendencies in Kidnapping in Mexico City." Global Crime, Vol. 13, Issue 1: 1-21.
  • Ochoa, Rolando and Adam Graycar. 2016. "Tackling Conflict of Interest: Policy Instruments in Different Settings" Public Integrity, Vol. 18, Issue 1. 
  • Miraglia, Paula, Rolando Ochoa and Ivan Briscoe. 2012. "Transnational Organized Crime and Fragile States." INCAF-OECD Thematic Papers: International Factors Affecting Conflict and Fragility, Paris, OECD.


Contact Information:
Name: Dr. Rolando Ochoa
Phone: 9850 1439
Office location:
Level 2, South Wing, 
Australian Hearing Hub
Macquarie University NSW 2109