Department of Security Studies and Criminology

Adrin Choubineh

Position: PhD Candidate

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Politics), Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, Associate Degree Policing Practice


Adrin's Master's thesis, Not just a proxy, the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran: a Profound Relationship, investigated the 500 year relationship between Lebanon and Iran, and the military performance of Hezbollah as a non-state actor in the 33 Day War of 2006. It argued the growing maturity of Hezbollah, its increasing ability to differentiate itself from Iran, its status as an Arab Shiite power and its extensive links to a well-represented Lebanese Shiite diaspora around the globe are combining to allow the group a reach beyond that of any other non-state actor.

Adrin's PhD focuses on the history of the Lebanese Shiite Diaspora in Australia, the community's growth, maturity, and the susceptibility of its second generation to influences from both state and non state-based actors.

Research Interests:
The Lebanese Shiite Diaspora
The Lebanese Hezbollah
Iran's Shiite Conglomerates
Sunni-Shiite Conflict in the Diasporas

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