Department of Security Studies and Criminology

Internship Unit - PICT816

PICT offers a unique opportunity for students to complete an industry focussed internship as part of their Masters degree, toward which they will receive postgraduate credit.   

There a number of companies and organisations that host PICT interns, including several multinational consulting firms, IT firms, think tanks, NGOs, a defence contractor and public service organisations. 

Students typically spend one day per week for twelve weeks or two days per week for six weeks on site at the host organisation.  Internship placements are made by matching students' interests and Masters degree specialisations with a relevant company/organisation and its research or project needs.  Students are expected to complete a Placement Report, and Organisational Review and a major research project during their internship.  These, as well as a Workplace Supervisor's Report, will be graded and used as assessments in the unit.

 To be considered for the internship, students must have a 70% average in their completed PICT units, demonstrate excellent research and communication skills and be in the latter part of their degree program.  PICT cannot guarantee placement in any particular workplace, and placements are made through a competitive process.  Students are also welcome to arrange their own internship placements in other relevant organisations. 

Please contact if you would like more information, if you are interested as either a potential intern or as an external stakeholder who would like to discuss hosting PICT interns.