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Paul Formosa

Paul FormosaBSc, GradDipArts, BA(Hons), PhD University of Queensland

Paul completed his PhD in philosophy in 2008. He joined the Department of Philosophy at Macquarie in 2009. He has been a Macquarie University Research Fellow (2009-2011) and an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow (2012-2016). In 2016 he became a Senior Lecturer. Paul has published widely on topics in moral and political philosophy, with a focus on Kantian ethics, moral evil and the ethics of videogames.

Current and recent research grants

  • "Dignity and respect: a Kantian theoretical approach to practical rationality and human agency", ARC DECRA Grant, 2012-2015. Funding: $475,000.
  • Macquarie University Themed Workshop Grant. Project: 'Capabilities Approaches to Justice: Theory and Practice. With Professor Catriona Mackenzie. Funding: $2,500
  • "Justice, Deliberative Democracy, Civic Virtue and Political Identity: the Contemporary Relevance of Kant's Political Philosophy", Macquarie University Research Fellow, 2009-2012. Funding: $300,000. 



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Edited Books

32. Paul Formosa, Avery Goldman, Tatiana Patrone (eds.), Politics and Teleology in Kant, University of Wales Press, 2014.

Refereed Journal Articles

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Refereed Book Chapters

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

7. Ryan, M., Staines, D., & Formosa, P. (2016). Four Lenses for Designing Morally Engaging Games. In Proceedings of 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG (pp. 1-16).

Book Reviews, Review Essays, Book Notes and other short publications

6. Paul Formosa (2016). Evil and Moral Psychology, written by Peter Brian Barry. Journal of Moral Philosophy, 13(4), 495-497.

5. Paul Formosa (2016). Means, Ends, and Persons: The Meaning and Psychological Dimensions of Kant's Humanity Formula, by Robert Audi. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, DOI: 10.1080/00048402.2016.1168458.

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1. Paul Formosa, "Barriers to Evil", Crossroads 1, no. 2 (2007): 49-52.


Paul currently teaches or has taught the following units:

  • PHL 132 Happiness, Goodness and Justice
  • PHL 357 Theories of Justice
  • PHL 382 Agency and the Self
  • PHL 354 Philosophy Capstone Unit
  • PHIL705 Foundations of Research in Ethics
  • PHIL706 Research Topics in Ethics

Postgraduate Supervision

  • Robert Snell, "A Dark Universal: Towards a Thomistic Theory of Evil", MRes 2016.
Current Students
  • Robert Snell, "Towards a Thomistic Theory of Evil", PhD.
  • Andrew Bain, "Kant and Tolerance", MRes.
  • Jonathan Robinson, "Vice", PhD.
  • Sacha Molitorisz, "The Ethics of Internet Privacy", PhD.
  • Kelly Hamilton, "Collective Emotions", PhD.

Administrative responsibilities

2017 - present: Member of the University Senate
2015 - present: Member of the Faculty of Arts Board
2015 - 2017 Department HDR convenor

Contact details

Location: Building W6A Room 728
Phone: (61 2) 9850 8817
Fax: (61 2) 9850 8892

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