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Professor Nicole Anderson

Nicole AndersonHead of Department

Office: Y3A 165C
Phone: (02) 9850 2157
Undergraduate Teaching: CUL399, MECO701


Nicole Anderson is the co-founding editor of the Derrida Today Journal, published by Edinburgh University Press, and the Director of the Derrida Today biannual conference. She is an international fellow of the London Graduate School, and a member of the Biocultures Project at University of Illinois, Chicago. She has published Derrida: Ethics Under Erasure (Continuum 2012, reprinted 2014 by Bloomsbury Press in paperback). Both the book and the journal came out of a long interest and writing on deconstruction and Derrida in relation to everyday cultural events and practices. The interest in cultural practices resulted in a co-edited book entitled: Cultural Theory in Everyday Practice (Oxford 2009), and to a sole-authored book entitled: Culture (forthcoming with Routledge 2016). This latter book reveals the intersections between science/the biological and culture, that is, it attempts to demonstrate the interlinkages and the necessary imbrications of all perspectives and discourses on culture (such as the biological, social and aesthetic). Other research interests and publications revolve around: Derrida Studies and deconstruction, visual culture (including film and art theory and criticism), social media, ethics, animal studies, gender studies, biopolitics, biocultures, and posthumanism.

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