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Dr Undine Sellbach


Location: Building Y3A, Room 149.

Phone: (02) 9850 2118


Undergraduate Teaching: MECO340 Natures-Cultures; CUL399 Sex, Death, Politics: the Ethics of our Lives; MECX350 Cultural Contexts; MECX120 Living Cultures; MECX210 Narrative Journalism.

Postgraduate Teaching: Posthumanism

Dr Undine Sellbach


Undine Sellbach is an academic and creative practitioner. In 2005 she received a PhD from the School of Philosophy, Australian National University, titled "Illustrated Nonsense: Ethics & Aesthetic Practice in the Writing of Ludwig Wittgenstein".  Before joining Macquarie University in 2015, she lectured at the University of Tasmania and was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR), Birmingham City University. She is currently an International Research Fellow in the research group group: 'Radical Matter: International Laboratory for Fine Art, Philosophy and the Wild Sciences,' Royal College of Art, London. At MMCCS, she is research cluster leader of 'Arrested/Arresting Ecologies', and a member of the 'Creative Ecologies Lab'.

Research interests

Undine research moves between feminist theory, the environmental humanities and the posthumanities, with a special focus on feminist philosophy of science, performance philosophy, ethology and psychoanalysis. Her work combines theory and creative practice, to ask how ecological and technological entanglements come to matter in a shared world.

She is currently editing The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies (with Lynn Turner and Ron Broglio), forthcoming 2017, and writing a book on the Entomological Imagination (with Stephen Loo) for Palgrave's "Performance Philosophy" series, forthcoming in 2018.

Alongside her scholarly publications, she is author of the children's book The Floating Islands (2006), and performance works including:  The Honeymoon Suite (2008), Mistress O & the Bees (2012) and The Grasshopper Cabaret (2014). Her creative work is documented at:



Sellbach, U and Loo, S. Instincts, Ethics & the Entomological Imagination: forgotten acts of insects and children, "Performance Philosophy" book series, Palgrave [monograph, forthcoming 2018].

Turner, L, Sellbach U, and Broglio R. The Edinburgh Companion to Critical Animal Studies, Edinburgh University Press [edited book, forthcoming 2017]

Book chapters

Sellbach, U. "Performance." The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies, Edinburgh University Press [forthcoming 2017].

Sellbach, U. and Loo, S.  "The Blind and Deaf Highway Woman" Creative Critic, edited by Emily Orley and Katja Hilevarra, Taylor and Francis, London, [forthcoming: 2017].

Sellbach, U and Loo, S. "Mistress O & the Bees: a Whirlwind of Insects Inside the Body of a Girl," Poetic Biopolitics: Political and Ethical Practices in the Arts and Humanities. Edited by P. Rawes, S. Loo and T. Matthews, I.B. Tauris, 2016.

Sellbach, U and Loo, S. "Insects and other Minute Perceptions in the Baroque House," Deleuze and the Non-human. Edited by H. Stark and J. Roffe, Palgrave Macmillan 2015.

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Sellbach, U. "The traumatic effort to understand in Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man." Considering Animals: Contemporary Studies in Human-Animal Relations Edited by E. Leane and Y. Watt, Sydney: Ashgate, 2011.

Sellbach, U and Fay, R. "Affordable Places" Making Sense of Place. Edited by F. Vanclay, M. Higgins and A. Blackshaw, Canberra: National Museum of Australia, 2008.

Journal articles

Sellbach, U and Loo, S. "Insect Affects: the big and the small of the entomological imagination in childhood," Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, special issue: "Affective Ontologies. Post-human Perspectives on Affect."  Edited by Gerda Roelvink and Magdalena Zolkos. 20:3: 2015, 79-88.

Sellbach, U and Loo, S. "A Picture Book of Invisible Worlds: Semblances of Insects and Humans in Jakob von Uexküll's Laboratory," Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities, special issue "we have never been human, from techne to animality." Edited by R. Broglio and F. Young. 18:1: 2013, 45-64.

Sellbach, U and Loo, S. "Eating (with) Insects: Insect Gastronomies and Upside Down Ethics" Parallax, special issue "Bon Appétit." Edited by L. Turner and L. Kelley. 19:1: 2013, 12-28.

Sellbach, U. "The Archipelago of Old Age and Childhood: Creaturely Life in the Floating Archipelago," Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, special issue "Animals, Literature and the Visual." Edited by S. McHugh and R. McKay. 24: Spring 2013, 68-74.

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

Sellbach, U. "Difference and Attunement: Wittgenstein's Vision of Community." Collected in Conference Proceedings of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy: 2002.

Other (news articles, reports, etc)

Radio Interview: "Philosopher Undine Sellbach discusses Sex, Flies and Fairytales," Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National, 13 June, 2014.,-flies-and-fairy-tales/5520976

Creative works

Children's book

Sellbach, Undine. The Floating Islands, illustrated by Udo Sellbach. Taroona: The Word Sound and Picture Company, 2006.

Selected Performance Works

The Grasshopper Cabaret
Performance lecture, created and performed by Undine Sellbach & Stephen Loo, 2012-2014.

Mistress O & the Bees: a Whirlwind of Insects
Performance and installation, created and performed by Undine Sellbach & Stephen Loo, 2010-2012.

The Honeymoon Suite
Cabaret, created and performed by Undine Sellbach and Mikel Simic (Mikelangelo), 2006-2008.

Artists' catalogues

Sellbach, U. 'Cloud Cages and Dream Garments.' A Cage Opera: Anna Simic & Hanna Hoyne. Canberra Museum & Gallery, 2007. Comprised of scholarly interpretations of the work.

Sellbach, U. 'Dazzle: Performance, Parametrics and Russian Futurist Theatre,' Sawtooth Gallery Launceston, June 2011. Included scholarly interpretations of the work.

Selected exhibitions

The Written Room, a collaborative artists' book, Esther Gallery Beachport, 7-16 March 2014. Writers Week, Adelaide Festival.

Mistress O & the Bees, Kelly's Garden's Curated Projects, Hobart, April 2012.

The Research Life of Arts Objects, University of Tasmania, Faculty of Arts, 1-29 March 2012. In this group exhibition I curate a cabinet of objects used in my research thus far on insects.

Video documentaries

Sellbach, U. 'Udo Sellbach: and still I see it.' Hobart, 1996, 11 mins. I directed this documentary about printmaker Udo Sellbach. Represented in the National Library of Australia and Australian National University collections. Screened at Entrepot Gallery, University of Tasmania, Dec 1997.

Sellbach, U and Cupid, S, 'Margaret Scott Investigates.' Hobart, 1997, 41 mins. Video documentary about Margaret Scott, who is a well-known Tasmanian poet and novelist. Screened at Entrepot Gallery, University of Tasmania, Dec 1996.