Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Dr Steve Collins

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Office: Y3A 191D

Phone: (02) 9850 2165

Undergraduate Teaching: MAS214, MAS240, MAS241, MAS340

Postgraduate Teaching: MECO837



Steve holds an LL.B (Hons), MA Cyberculture and Law and a PhD (Sampling, Copyright Law and Fair Use). He has a wide and varied teaching background. He taught media studies, Web design, generic computer skills, networking, music technology and an array of legal areas (including contract, tort, company, criminal, employment, property, family, insurance, media) at the South East Essex College (UK). He also developed and delivered media law components for BA and BSc programmes run in conjunction with the University of Essex. Steve has also taught law for a range of professional qualifications such as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Chartered Institute of Insurers, National Council for the Training of Journalists and in addition he ran the Institute of Legal Executives course. Since moving to Australia in 2002, Steve has taught digital media production and media law in the Department of MMCCS.

Currently Program Director for the BA-Media and Bachelor of Marketing and Media, Steve also sits on a number of departmental, faculty and university committees concerning learning and teaching, and standards and quality.

Steve also produces his own music under the name INfest8 [Bandcamp | Soundcloud] and remixes both signed and unsigned bands from around the world from his studio in Sydney. He has released six albums to date and was an early proponent of online music delivery services. Music production and remixing tie into his research foci on authorship, creativity and technology. He has produced, remixed and collaborated with the likes of The Birthday Massacre, Dream Disciples, Death Abyss, Konqistador, Pleasant Stitch, Coph Nia, The Abyss Collective amongst others. He worked on Sara Noxx's 2015 release 'Entre Quatre Yeux', which spent three weeks at #1 in the German charts for alternative music.

Research Interests

Steve's research focuses primarily on technology, disruption, music industry, creativity and copyright law. He is interested in supervising any postgraduate research in these areas.



Collins, S. & Young, S. Beyond 2.0: The future of music. 2014. Equinox.

Book Chapters

Collins, S 'Acting Out: Resisting copyright monopolies' in Meikle, G (ed) Routledge Companion to Media and Activism (forthcoming in 2018)

Collins, S & O'Grady, P. 'Off the Charts: The implications of incorporating streaming data into the charts' (forthcoming 2016) Networked Music Cultures: Contemporary Approaches, Emerging Issues

Journal Articles

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Creative Works

Words in Place: A Digital Cartography (2015)

'Count to Zero' with Konqistador (2015)

'Electriker' with Konqistador (2007) available on iTunes

Edited Journals

Alter, A., Crowdy, D. & Collins, S. 'Technology and Ownership amongst "World Music" Practitioners: Ongoing Debates in a Globalizing World', Journal of World Popular Music 2(1). July 2015

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Other Publications

Collins, S. 'Apple and Beats: where musicians and geeks collide', The Conversation, 2nd June 2014

Collins, S. 'Spotify: merging music with social media', The Conversation, 10th October 2013