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Dr Margie Borschke

Senior Lecturer in Journalism and MediaDr Margie Borschke


Office: Y3A 159

Phone: (02) 9850 2159

Undergraduate Teaching: MAS330

Postgraduate Teaching: MECO804, MECO802, MECO826



Margie Borschke is a Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Media and the Postgraduate Coursework Director for the department of Media, Music Communication and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate units in media studies and journalism including units on network culture and data journalism. Borschke holds a PhD in Media (University of New South Wales), a Master of Arts in Politics (University of Toronto) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science (McGill University). As a journalist, she trained at Harper's Magazine in New York City and went on to contribute to both pioneering websites and respected international media titles including The New York Times Magazine, The Times, Harper's Bazaar and many others.

Research Interests

Borschke's research addresses reproduction, circulation and distribution as cultural practices, with an emphasis on the aesthetics of circulation, the materiality of networked media, and the rhetorical dimensions of Internet culture. Her recent work on cloud-based computing, streaming technologies, and analog media revivals uses a media historical approach to address pressing contemporary questions about the social impact of network technologies and how we understand change and innovation. An interest in copies and copying underpins much of her work. Current and recent collaborations include projects on new media gatekeeping practices and technologies, social media pedagogies, post-piracy practices, data trails and traces, scholarly networks, the pleasures of the copy, and media histories of the environment and natural world.

Borschke's 2017 monograph, This is not a remix: piracy, authenticity and popular music (Bloomsbury Academic) focuses on questions about the materiality of media, its use and the aesthetic dimensions of reproduction and circulation in digital networks. This work uncovers the analog roots of digital practices and brings the long history of piracy into contact with contemporary controversies about the reproduction, use and circulation of recordings on the internet. Through a close look at sometimes illicit forms of composition--including remixes, edits, mashups, bootlegs, mp3 blogs and playlists--Borschke ponders how and why ideals of authenticity persist in networked cultures where copies and copying are ubiquitous and seemingly at odds with romantic constructions of authorship. By teasing out unspoken assumptions about media and culture, Borschke's work offers fresh perspectives on the cultural politics of intellectual property in the digital era and poses questions about the promises, possibilities and challenges of network visibility and mobility.

I am interested in supervising postgraduates conducting research in the following areas: media archaeology, sound studies, format and platform theory, network aesthetics, social media, media theory, media history, the rhetorical dimensions of media, circulation as a cultural practice, underground and alternative media, collecting practices.



Borschke, M (2017) This is not a remix: Piracy, authenticity and popular music.  New York: Bloomsbury Academic

Book Chapters

Borschke, M., 'The Extended Remix', in The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies, eds Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher and Xtine Burrough, New York: Routledge, 2014

Journal Articles

Borschke, M., 'The new romantics: Authenticity, participation and the aesthetics of piracy', First Monday, Vol. 19, No 10, 6 October 2014

Borschke, M., 'Ad Hoc Archivists: mp3 blogs and the generation of provenance', Continuum, Vol. 26, No. 1, February 2012: 1-10

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Borschke, M., 'Disco Edits and their Discontents: The persistence of the analogue in the digital era', New Media & Society, September 2011, vol. 13, no. 6: 929-944.

Doctoral Dissertation

Borschke, M., 2012. 'Rethinking the Rhetoric of Remix: Material Culture in Digital Networks.' PhD Diss., University of New South Wales