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Dr Kate Rossmanith

Dr Kate RossmanithSenior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies  



Office: Y3A 191F

Phone: (02) 9850 2183 

Undergraduate teaching: MECO211, MECO310

Postgraduate teaching: Master of Future Journalism, Master of Creative Industries


Kate Rossmanith is an author, essayist, and academic. Her background is in Performance Studies, which combines theatre and anthropology, and investigates how we perform ourselves in everyday life. This has laid the grounding for her ethnographic research that examines people's enactments in the courtroom, in particular enactments of remorse. Her essays about the people who work, and find themselves caught up, in the justice system have been used to educate the community about sentencing and parole processes, and have informed the working practices of judges and parole authorities. She has collaborated with anthropologists from the University of Oxford to examine the ways in which offenders on parole connect with mainstream groups.

Kate also researches creative writing, specifically the intersections between nonfiction, memoir and ethnography. She is currently part of a research team exploring the cultural afterlife of criminal evidence and how writers develop narrative from forensic material. Her nonfiction has appeared in The Monthly, The Australian, and Best Australian Essays 2007. In 2013, her essay 'The Work of Judges' was nominated for a Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree and a PhD from the University of Sydney. She lectures in creative nonfiction writing and literary journalism.

Kate's creative nonfiction book, Small Wrongs, a hybrid memoir about remorse in the justice system and in our everyday personal lives, will be published in 2018 by Hardie Grant Books.

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Research Interests

Kate's research interests include ethnography, creative nonfiction writing, rehearsal processes, embodiment, and relationships between performance, emotion and the law.



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