Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Dr Guy Morrow

Lecturer in Creative Industries


Office: Y3A 193E

Phone: (02) 9850 2199 

Undergraduate Teaching: MAS350, MMCS321, MMCS220, MMCS320,

Postgraduate Teaching: MECO848, MECO830

Guy Morrow


Guy Morrow's research primarily concerns the management of artistic creativity. His work specifically focuses on understanding how artists are managed, both in terms of direct artist management and also through cultural policies. By examining the relationship between artists and their managers, as well as the practices of self-management and artist entrepreneurship, Guy generates core related insights regarding the creative and cultural industries. He is currently writing a book concerning artist management within the creative and cultural industries (Routledge).

Guy Morrow is the General Secretary of the International Music Business Research Association (founded in Vienna, 2015) and is a member of the Music and Sound Cultures Group and the Creative Ecologies Lab. He is also the PACE, Industries and Internships Coordinator for MMCCS.
Visiting scholar
In 2010 Guy worked as a visiting scholar within New York University's Graduate Music Business Program and in 2015 he taught a course concerning the management of media and music production at Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, as well as a masters course concerning managing creativity for the Australian Institute of Music and the Sydney Opera House.
Artist management
In addition to his traditional research, Guy has contributed to the creation of innovative music and design works, and also the founding of numerous creative and cultural industries startups through artist management. Guy has worked with many of Australia's best-known musicians within various popular music scenes through management, and also through music and design work.
Guy was one of the founding co-managers of the band Boy & Bear, and he currently manages and collaborates with visual artist and video director Jefferton James. In this capacity Guy has worked with Australian and International artists such as Passenger, Josh Pyke, Missy Higgins, Dustin Tebbutt, Emma Louise, Sheppard, The Paper Kites, The Griswolds, Oh Mercy, Tim Rogers, and Kasey Chambers, Patrick James and Husky. This has involved working with Universal Music Australia, Warner Music Australia, Sony Music Australia, ABC Music, EMI, Chugg Entertainment, Eleven Music, i.e. Music, Wonderlick Entertainment, Select Music, Central Station Records, MGM, Inertia and Nettwerk Music Group.

For his contributions to higher education and also to career development within the creative and cultural industries, Guy has received a Vice Chancellor's Award from Macquarie University, five ARIA Awards, Gold and Platinum Awards from ARIA, and a CMC Australian Video of the Year Award.


Research Supervision:
Guy is an experienced research supervisor. He can consider proposals from potential research students in any of his areas of expertise outlined above. This includes interdisciplinary projects, traditional academic research, and non-traditional research. Guy is also an experienced Examiner of Doctoral research in these areas.



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