Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Dr Catherine Simpson

Senior Lecturer in Media


Office: Y3A 165D

Phone: (02) 9850 2168

Undergraduate Teaching: MAS304, MMCS115


Since joining Macquarie University in 2002, Catherine has convened, designed and taught across 15 units from first year to Honours in the disciplines of media, gender, cultural studies, film studies, Australian studies, environmental media and, most recently, science communication. Catherine returned to MMCCS in 2013 from a 3-year stint in the Department of Environment & Geography (Science Faculty) where she piloted a science communication program with Tim Flannery. Despite the obstacles in large institutions like Macquarie, she has a passion for creating spaces for inter-disciplinary dialogue across the faculties around learning, teaching and research.

Before joining Macquarie, Catherine taught media, film and cultural studies at UNSW, UWS and Murdoch University in Perth. She completed her PhD thesis, "Imagined Geographies: women's negotiation of space in contemporary Australian cinema" at Murdoch in 2001. With her partner, Bruce Jeffreys, she narrowly survived co-directing an Australian film festival in Istanbul in 1994 and a reciprocal Turkish film festival that toured Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in 1998. While living in Istanbul in the mid 90s, Catherine taught English to university students.

Catherine has a first class Honours degree in English from the University of Western Australia, and an RSA TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) qualification from Edith Cowan University in Perth. In 2000 she completed IFU's (International Women's University) Postgraduate Cert. at Hanover & Bremen Universities in Germany.

Research Interests

Her established research, teaching and publications are primarily in the areas of: Australian and Turkish cinema; construction of identity and space on screen especially in relation to nationhood, gender and the body; screen automobile cultures; film festivals; transnational, diasporic and small national cinemas; and the work of Australian female filmmakers. She has emerging interests in the environmental humanities and urban car cultures. Catherine welcomes graduate students in any of these areas and the areas listed below where she has previously supervised students.



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