Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Dr Andrew Alter

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Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Music Studies

HDR Director, MMCCS



Office: Y3A 253

Phone: (02) 9850 2118

Undergraduate Teaching: MUS100,  MUS301

Postgraduate Teaching: MECO700



Andrew has over 23 years experience teaching music at tertiary level. He has contributed to a diverse range of sub-disciplines including popular music studies, ethnomusicology, composition, theory, harmony, conducting and performance studies. His performance interests span an eclectic mix of world music and experimental genres and include diverse musical practice on piano and cello as well as within vocal ensembles and Indonesian gamelan. Currently he leads the Macquarie University gamelan ensemble, and is working on recording projects with this group.

As an ethnomusicologist, Andrew has published widely in the discipline's leading journals and reference tools. He is a member of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, the Australian Musicological Society, the South Asian Studies Association of Australia, the Society for Ethnomusicology and the International Council for Traditional Music. This research and professional background continue to inform his research, performance and teaching activities.


Research Interests

Andrew's research interests cover three broad areas of investigation: South Asian music cultures, contemporary Australian transcultural musical expression, and Southeast Asian music cultures. Within these areas his research projects and publications have examined traditional music cultures as well as contemporary musical expression. In South Asia he has examined connections between musical practice and Hindu ritual in the Himalayas as well as contemporary music at local and national levels. In Southeast Asia his work with the gamelan traditions of Java has led him to explore traditional practice and contemporary fusion. Naturally, his research in each of these Asian regions has influenced his approach to contemporary Australian transcultural practice.



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