Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Creative Practice Research

MMCCS provides an intellectually and creatively stimulating environment for researchers and we particularly encourage applications from people who already have an established career in creative practice and who want to seriously explore that practice in a location that boasts world class production spaces and technical support.

Many of our staff are well known award winning practitioners/theorists in music, dance, creative writing, film, theatre and media studies. They can act as research guides and sounding boards for the development of new creative practice projects.

Creative Practice Ph.D.

Creative Practice research is a specialized area that requires practical skills as well as an ability to use those skills in an conceptually stimulating environment. The Creative Practice Ph.D. is all about discovering and disseminating knowledge through new ways of thinking, seeing and hearing. 

All Creative Practice Higher Degree Research projects must include a creative component as well as a written dissertation. Both components are considered to be equal and will be examined together. The dissertation must be theoretical, conceptual or analytical and it must stand in some specific relation to the creative component. It should be between 40,000 and 50,000 words in length.

The size of the creative component is not specified, and will vary according to the candidate's area and medium. For example, the creative component in music could be:

  • a written score
  • a compositional folio containing a number of pieces which might be in different forms
  • software
  • video
  • audio recording(s)

In writing, the creative component could be:

  • a novel
  • biography
  • a collection of shorter pieces
  • a volume in poems

Candidates may also choose to integrate the creative and the critical components, as e.g. In ficto-critical writing or essay films.

The Ph.D. is not designed to teach the practical skills necessary to complete a particular project. Rather, it is assumed a candidate will arrive with the necessary skills to embark on a creative project and that supervision will assist the student in shaping that project towards a high quality and innovative creative product in association with a conceptually rigorous dissertation.

 If you are interested in exploring this type of research feel free to contact a potential supervisor directly or the HDR office