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2013 Public Lecture Series

MMCCS Public Lecture Series

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10 APRIL: Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley, Macquarie University: "Unhappy Families: The Murdoch, Fairfax and Packer Media Dynasties."
Respondent: Ms Kathy Bail, Chief Executive of UNSW Press Ltd, including NewSouth Books and Publishing, and former editor of The Bulletin and Rolling Stone
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1 MAY: Professor Susan Stryker, University of Arizona: "Christine in the Cutting Room: Cinema, Surgery, and Celebrity in the Career of Christine Jorgensen."
Respondent: Associate Professor Nikki Sullivan, Macquarie University

21 MAY: Professor Julian Knowles, Macquarie University: "Performance Recordivity: The Emergence of Recording Studio Performance Practices in Live Music Contexts."
Respondent: Professor Kathryn Millard, Macquarie University

12 JUNE: Professor John Potts, Macquarie University: "From Clay to the Cloud: The Past, Present and Future of Writing."
Respondent: Dr Peter Doyle, Macquarie University

15 AUGUST: Professor Claire Colebrook, Pennsylvania State University:"Sex and the (Anthropocene) City."
Respondent: Dr Nicole Anderson, Macquarie University

24 SEPTEMBER: Professor Catharine Lumby, Macquarie University: "In the Moorehouse Archives: The Ethics of Biography."
Respondent: Dr Craig Munro, Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Queensland and the University of Western Sydney

24 OCTOBER: Professor Lennard Davies, University of Illinois: "The End of Normal: Neoliberalism, Diversity and Disability."
Respondent: Dr Nicole Anderson, Macquarie University

5 NOVEMBER: Professor Kathryn Millard, Macquarie University: "Are We Better than We Think We Are? A Filmmaker Reinterprets Stanley Milgram's Obedience."
Respondent: Professor Alex Haslam, Professor of Psychology and ARC Laureate Fellow, University of Queensland