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Dr Thomas Baudinette

Dr Thomas Baudinette Dr Thomas Baudinette
Lecturer, Japanese Studies

Macquarie University
North Ryde, NSW 2109, Australia



Thomas joined the Department of International Studies in 2017. He holds a PhD and a BA(Hons, first class) in Japanese Studies from Monash University. In 2013-2015, Thomas served as the Postgraduate Representative on the Executive Committee of the Japanese Studies Association of Australia.

To date, Thomas' research has utilized the methodologies of cultural anthropology and has focused upon young gay men's participation in Japan's gay sub-cultural spaces and their consumption of gay media. Thomas has a particular interest in the role that mediated images of masculinity and sexual desire play in influencing young Japanese gay men's understandings of their desires and identities. His current projects include the ethnographic study of the Japanese gay media landscape, an ethnography of queer migration between China and Japan (with a secondary focus upon the representation of Chineseness in Japan's gay media) and a study of the globalisation of queer Japanese popular culture, including Boys Love (yaoi) manga in China and Thailand.

More information about Thomas' research interests are available on his academic blog:

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Book Chapters

Baudinette, T. (2016). An evaluation of physicality in the bara manga of Bádi magazine. In: Pasfield-Neofitou, S. and Sell, C. (eds.). Manga Vision: Cultural and communicative perspectives (pp. 107-124). Clayton, Victoria: Monash University Press.

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Refereed Journal Articles

Baudinette, T. (Forthcoming, 2017). Japanese gay men's attitudes toward "gay manga" and the problem of genre. East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 3 (1).

Baudinette, T. (Forthcoming, 2017). Constructing identities on a Japanese gay dating site: Hunkiness, cuteness and the desire for heteronormative masculinity. Journal of Language and Sexuality, 6 (2).

Baudinette, T. (2016). Ethnosexual space in queer Tokyo: The production of racialized desire in Japan. Japan Forum, 28 (4), 465-485, DOI:10.1080/09555803.2016.1165723.

Baudinette, T. (2012). Investigating the effects of users' perceptions of temporality on a Japanese gay dating site. Monash University Linguistic Papers, 8(1), 43-51.

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Baudinette, T. (2014.) Review of Suganuma, K. Contact Moments: The Politics of Intercultural Desire in Japanese Male-Queer Cultures. Asian Studies Review, 38(3), 509-511, DOI:10.1080/10357823.2014.934710.

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'Bara and geikomi.' Keynote address on Japanese gay comics at Room 801, an anime fan convention focussing on queer art, Parramatta, Australia, April 2015.

'Japan: Where porn, anime and gay media meet.' Interview on JOY 94.9FM, Melbourne's Gay and Lesbian Radio Station, Melbourne, Australia, May 2013.

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Selected Conference Presentations

'An exploration of racialized desire in Japanese gay media: The case of Chinese men.' Inter-Asian Intimacies Workshop, Australian National University, Australia, August 2016.

'Ongaku ga motarasu kuia Tokyo no shakai kaisō (Social stratification through music in Queer Tokyo)' (in Japanese). Cultural Typhoon: Cultural Intervention in Globalising Cities, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan, July 2016.

'Fetishising the straight man: Hegemonic masculinity in Japanese gay pornographic videos.' Association for Asian Studies in Asia, Doshisha University, Japan, June 2016.

'Nihon to Ōsutararia ni okeru gei aidentiti to "sei" no shōhinka (Gay identities in Japan and Australia and the commodification of 'sex')' (in Japanese). Research Seminar, Sagami Women's University, Japan, December 2015.

'Internationalising Boys Love: Recent "Boys Love" dramas in Thailand.' Exploring Japan Through New Lenses, Monash University, Australia, September 2015.

'Creation of ethnosexual spaces in queer Tokyo.' International Convention of Asian Scholars, Adelaide, Australia, July 2015.

'Shinjuku Ni-chome: Structuring queer space and desires through the media.' Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society, Imperial College, London, August 2014.

'Gay subjectivities in the Japanese gay magazine Badi.' Japanese Studies Association of Australia Biannual Conference, Australian National University, Australia, July 2013.

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