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Polish Studies at Macquarie University are part of the Department of International Studies.

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Cracow, Cloth Hall (Sukiennice). Photo by Tom Czarnota.

Units in Polish language are offered as a major or in combination with other languages and units in the Department or as units to be cross-credited towards other degrees. In 2001, Macquarie University introduced a Diploma in Languages for students not wishing to enrol in a full degree program. In addition, Polish subjects can also be studied individually by non-award students.

Students of Polish may join at the elementary level and no prior knowledge of the language is assumed. Students may also join at higher levels depending on their level of knowledge of the language. You do not have to know a single word of Polish when you start. We offer three levels of language study: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. For those interested in culture we offer Modern Polish Theatre and Modern Polish Prose and Poetry. After 3 years of study, a native speaker of English, with no prior knowledge of Polish can become a fluent speaker of Polish and read Polish literature. This is reflected in our language students: people who need Polish for professional or personal reasons, Australians of Polish descent who did not learn the language at home and have decided to become acquainted with it, people who have Polish partners or friends, those doing business in Poland and those who wish to travel to Poland.

Polish Units

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