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English as a Foreign Language


English as a Foreign Language

The English as a Foreign Language program is a new program offered by the Department of International Studies: Languages and Cultures along with other language programs. It is designed for students from non-English speaking backgrounds, aiming to further develop and consolidate their English language skills for academic, professional and social settings. It provides ample opportunities for students to practise reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through extensive in-class activities, online practice, and independent learning. Students will develop a deep understanding of the structural properties of English through analysing a variety of spoken and written English texts.

This program also develops students' inter-cultural awareness and communication skills to enable them to become competent communicators in local, international and cross-cultural contexts. It equips students with useful language skills to complete their academic studies successfully and to broaden their career options.   

This program is offered through both on-campus and external mode, and it currently consists of 4 units: 

  • EFLA100 (English as a Foreign Language in Practice) 
  • EFLA110 (English as a Foreign Language Consolidation) 
  • EFLA201 (English as a Foreign Language Expansion I) 
  • EFLA202 (English as a Foreign Language Expansion II) 

300 level units are expected to be offered from 2018. 

The Level 100 foundation units, EFLA100 and EFLA110, focus on solid practice of English language skills required for academic purposes, while the Level 200 units place emphasis on enhancing skills to an advanced level and working towards using English for professional contexts. Students can select one or more of these units as elective(s), or complete the whole program as a full major in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Global Business. They can also take the program as a secondary major complementing their studies in another area. A Bachelor of Arts majoring in EFL can also be combined with Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, or Bachelor of Engineering.

Students in the EFL program.

Images taken in and around class (2016) by Florence Ma with the students' permission.

Student Testimonials:

This EFLA unit provides a great opportunity for me to clarify some aspects of academic writing and spoken English, which I often feel confused about. As a non-native English speaker, I always feel worried about my grammatical mistakes. However, throughout this unit I can receive a lot of feedback on my progress, and this has helped me become more confident in my English. The class environment is highly interactive and the lecturer is always happy to answer questions. I would like to recommend EFLA units to international students who are unsure about their English proficiency. - D. Kim

I really enjoy having EFLA202 lessons as the class is very interactive and we can discuss various issues with the lecturer and make friends with classmates easily! The things we learn are comprehensive and cover four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). We can even choose to work on specific skills for our independent learning activity. It is a great elective for those who want to improve their English in an interesting way. - T.Y. Wong


For information about individual English as a Foreign Language units, please refer to the current Handbook (click the relevant link at left, Undergraduate / Postgraduate /etc., and view units by department), or search for a specific unit in Unit Guides


For academic advice, please contact:
Dr Lai Ping Florence Ma
Telephone: 61 (2) 9850 7285

For general enquiries, please contact:
Ms Jennifer Heward 
Telephone: 61 (2) 9850 7005


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