Department of International Studies: Languages and Cultures

HDR Candidates and Completions

Candidate Topic Supervisor Completions
Rodrigo Acuña Venezuelan Foreign Policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean: The Bolivarian Revolution's Attempt to Unify a Region and Challenge U.S. Hegemony (1999-2012). A/Professor Estela Valverde Completed
Cintia Agosti

The Literary Cafés in Buenos Aires: their role in the shaping of the Porteño[1] political, social and cultural capital.
[1] "Porteño/a" denotes something or someone that comes from the city of Buenos Aires

A/Professor Estela Valverde  
Christie Barber Representations of masculinity in contemporary Japanese media for young people. Dr Mio Bryce  
Nora Benitt Integrating Theory & Practice - Action Research as a Tool for Professional Development in Foreign Language Teacher Education. Professor Martina Möllering  
Estelle Borrey Respecting The Voice Of The Other In Literary Translation: A Delicate Balancing Act -- 37 °2 Le Matin In Translation. A/Professor Karin Speedy  
Jennifer Cheng Anti-racist Discourses on Muslims in Australian Parliamentary Debates. Professor Martina Möllering Completed
Iain Clark Legitimacy from Antiquity: Qing Imperial Ceramic Ritual Vessels for State Occasions. Dr Blanche Menadier  
Séverine Didier Representations of French and Australian Culture in Children's Literature Aimed at French and Australian Child Readers: A Study of Cultural Values. Dr Brigitte Jandey Completed
Ella Dixon Conscientisation and praxis in the Mexican student movement #YoSoy132 A/Professor Estela Valverde  
Sandra Götz Fluency and learner language: Theory, description and application. Professor Martina Möllering Completed
Jonathan Goodall An Examination of the Syncretic Nature of Han Fei's Philosophy and His Utilization of the Concept of Wuwei in the Han Fei Zi Dr Shirley Chan Completed
Sijia Guo Interaction and task design in a collaborative learning environment: A case study of videoconferencing in an Introductory Chinese course. Professor Martina Möllering  
Jane Hanley Going places, transformations in Spanish travel narratives. A/Professor Estela Valverde Completed
Andrew Hong Family, Unity and Community in Confucianism and Christianity Dr Shirley Chan  
Lam Wai Hung Philosophical Principles in the Ancient Chinese Medical Text Dr Shirley Chan  
Glenn Hunt Mechanisms of Japanese environmental sector aid in Southeast Asia. Dr Mio Bryce Completed
Patricia Koromvokis The role of intralinguistic factors in the learning process of Greek grammatical gender for adult L2 learners. Dr Elizabeth Kefallinos  
Xing Lan Astrology in Early China: the Wuxing (the Five Elements) Dr Shirley Chan  
Maarten Lecompte TBA A/Professor Karin Speedy  
Daniel Lee The Sensual and the Moral: "Confucian Poetics" and the Book of Odes Dr Shirley Chan Completed
Sung-Ae Lee Constructions of Korean identity in fiction and film after the Korean war. Dr Mio Bryce Completed
Xui Tao Li The effect of Australian culture on compliment responses of Mainland Chinese speakers of English. Professor Martina Möllering  
Damien Liu-Brennan Edo no hanabi: the Japanese Observance of 'Fire-Flowers' and the Birth of a Unique Seasonal Fireworks Culture. Dr Mio Bryce Completed
Emilio Lomonaco Inspector Montalbano: Andrea Camilleri's discourse on Sicilianess and power. A/Professor Karin Speedy  
Alison Luke TBA Dr Mio Bryce  
Beate Müller Effects and Outcomes of a Study Abroad Semester on Bachelor of International Studies Students. Professor Martina Möllering  
Satsuki Murakami Manga and Anime as Educational Media. Dr Mio Bryce  
Nicole Mutlow Various modules of bilingual education in the Australian context based on the example of the German International School Sydney. Professor Martina Möllering  
Miriam Neigert TBA Professor Martina Möllering  
Kasper Ng Military Taxation System in Ancient China Dr Shirley Chan  
Catherine O'Connell Alterité, alienation and authenticité in the post-colonial literature of Nouvelle-Caledonie. A/Professor Karin Speedy  
Simon Paxton Kanji Ordering Strategies Dr Chavalin Svetanant  
Victor Petersen The Forces that Shaped Matteo Ricci's Map of the World of 1662 Dr Shirley Chan  
Amy Plumb Japanese Religion, Mythology and the Supernatural in Anime and Manga. Dr Mio Bryce  
Michelle Robertson Female characters in Turkish German cinematic space: an analysis with examples of three recent films. Professor Martina Möllering Completed
Eva Schmidt TBA Professor Martina Möllering  
Britta Schneider Cross-national perspectives on transnational cultures: Salsa communities of practice in two multilingual urban areas of Australia and Germany. Professor Martina Möllering Completed
Susann Schuster Commitment in learning plans: Fostering learner autonomy in the second language classroom and beyond. Professor Martina Möllering Completed
Andrea Stylianou An inquiry into how the international community deals with humanitarian issues in warfare and conflict. An auto-ethnological case study with focus on the Missing Persons of Cyprus. Dr Elizabeth Kefallinos  
Anna Vitruk TBA Dr Boris Skvorc  
Marja Zibelius Cooperative learning and computer-mediated communication in foreign language teacher education. Professor Martina Möllering Completed