Department of Indigenous Studies

Professor Ray Norris

Adjunct Professor of Indigenous Studies


Phone: +61 (0)2 9372 4416
Office: 203-B, CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility, Epping (ATNF)
Web: Homepage at CSIRO
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MA in Theoretical Physics (Cambridge)
PhD in Astrophysics (Manchester)

Bio & Research Interests

Ray is an astrophysicist at the Australia Telescope National Facility (CSIRO). While working on his degrees in England, he began researching stone circles and archaeoastronomy in Britain. His work in Indigenous Studies involves spearheading the Aboriginal Astronomy project (with Duane Hamacher) and the Sydney Rock Engravings project. Ray has enjoyed working with several different Indigenous groups, particularly the Yolngu communities of Eastern Arnhem land, and his Indigenous Astronomy research has extended through several states of Australia, with a particular focus on Sydney Rock Art. He has presented the results of this research to audiences across Australia, including ABC Radio National and the Garma Indigenous Festival.

Current Research Projects

Australian Aboriginal Astronomy
Sydney Aboriginal Rock Engravings

Relevant Publications

Norris, R.P., 2008, "In search of Aboriginal Astronomy", Australian Sky & Telescope, March/April

Norris, R.P., 2008, "Star Dreaming in Arnhem Land", Cosmos, April/May

Norris, R.P., 2008, "Emu Dreaming", Australasian Science, Vol 29(4)

Norris, R.P., 2007, "Searching for the Astronomy of Aboriginal Australians", Astronomy & Cosmology in Folk Traditions and Cultural Heritage (ed. Jonas Vaiskunas)

Plus over 200 publications in Astrophysics.