Department of Indigenous Studies


What is ITAS?

The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) is a Commonwealth funded program specifically designed to close the gap that currently exists between the educational outcomes of Indigenous Australians and other Australians in tertiary education.  The program provides free weekly tutoring with a suitably qualified tutor for up to 2 hours a week per subject.


To gain ITAS assistance you must fill out the ITAS student application form (please see link below) and return a copy to the Commonwealth Programs Support Officer.  The Commonwealth Programs Support Officer will then assess your application.

Why should I apply?

ITAS assistance is a useful tool for any student, whether you average pass grades or high distinctions. It's a great way to get individualised assistance with areas that you may need improvement on such as specific content, referencing, academic research processes, exam preparation or essay writing skills.

ITAS Forms

The following PDF forms can only be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader available as a free download here

Forms for Students

Forms for Tutors



For further information please contact:

Amelia Corr - Commonwealth Programs Officer

W3A, Room 309
Macquarie University, NSW 2109
Phone direct: (02) 9850 8624
Toll free: 1800 066 465
Fax: 02) 9850 7735