Department of Geography and Planning

Professor Robyn Dowling

Professor Robyn DowlingPosition: Head of Department
Location: W3A 417
Telephone: +61-2-9850-9780
BEc (Hons, Class 1) (Syd) MA PhD (Brit Col.)



My research is in the broad field of urban studies, with a focus on the social and cultural geographies of cities and contemporary urban governance. In terms of social and cultural geographies of cities I focus on the ways in which identities are lived in suburban homes, neighbourhoods and lives. Current work in this strand is focused on an ARC Discovery project exploring alternatives to the car, especially car sharing. In terms of urban governance I build upon the foundations of urban planning to explore the partnerships and complex relationships through which contemporary cities are governed. Another ARC Discovery project (with Prof P McGuirk from the University of Newcastle) is investigating the governance of energy transitions in commercial buildings.

Recent Publications

Dowling R and JL Kent (2015) Practice and public-private partnership in sustainable transport governance: the case of car sharing in Sydney, Australia' Transport Policy, 40, 58-64

McGuirk PM, Dowling R., Brennan, C and H. Bulkeley (2015) Urban Carbon Governance Experiments: The Role of Australian Local Governments Geographical Research, 53 39-52.

McGuirk PM, Dowling R. and H.Bulkeley (2014) Repositioning urban governments? Energy efficiency and Australia's changing climate and energy governance regimes Urban Studies; 51 2712-2734.

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McGuirk PM, Bulkeley H and Dowling R (2014) Practices, programs and projects of urban carbon governance: perspectives from the Australian city, Geoforum 52: 137-147.

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