Department of Geography and Planning

Dr Sara Fuller

GEOPLAN - Sara FullerPosition: Lecturer
Location: W3A 412
Telephone: +61-2-9850-8385


My research explores concepts and practices of justice and democracy in the field of the environment, with an empirical focus on the role of NGOs and communities in enacting a low carbon transition. Recent research has included projects on NGO discourses of energy justice, low carbon communities and social justice, and energy vulnerability in communities. I have a strong commitment to research that is both policy oriented and academically relevant, and to the use of participatory techniques and methodologies. Prior to joining Macquarie University, I held positions as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong and as a Research Associate in the Department of Geography, Durham University, UK.


ENVG111 Geographies of Global Change

ENVG215 Geographies of Development (Convenor)

ENVG380 Human Geography in Action

HGEO809 Globalisation and Sustainable Development (Convenor)


Journal papers

  • Gregson, N., Crang, M., Fuller, S. and Holmes, H. (accepted) Interrogating the Circular Economy: the Moral Economy of Resource Recovery in the EU, Economy and Society
  • Bulkeley, H., Edwards, G. and Fuller, S. (2014) Contesting climate justice in the city: examining politics and practice in urban climate change experiments, Global Environmental Change 25: 31-40
  • Bulkeley, H., Carmin, J., Castan Broto, V., Edwards, G. and Fuller, S. (2013) Climate justice and global cities: mapping the emerging discourses, Global Environmental Change 23: 914-925
  • Fuller, S. (2013) Reflections on the Via Baltica campaign in Poland, Social Movement Studies, 12(3): 335-341
  • Fuller, S. and Bulkeley, H. (2013) Changing countries, changing climates: achieving thermal comfort through adaptation in everyday activities, Area 45(1): 63-69
  • Curtis, S., Pain, R., Fuller, S., Khatib, Y., Rothon, C., Stansfeld, S. and Daya, S. (2013) Neighbourhood risk factors for Common Mental Disorders among young people aged 10-20 years: a structured review of quantitative research, Health and Place, 20: 81-90
  • Lucas, K. and Fuller, S. (2005) Putting the 'E' into LSPs: Representing the environment within Local Strategic Partnerships in the UK, Local Environment, 10(5): 461-475

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  • Atkinson, S., Fuller, S. and Painter, J. (Eds.) (2012) Wellbeing and Place, Farnham: Ashgate

Book chapters

  • Fuller, S. and Bulkeley, H. (2014) 'Creating a Low Carbon Zone in Brixton, London, UK' in Bulkeley, H., Castan-Broto, V. and Edwards, G. An Urban Politics of Climate Change: Experimentation and the Governing of Socio-Technical Transitions, Abingdon: Routledge: 199-218
  • Fuller, S. and Bulkeley, H. (2013) 'Energy justice and the low carbon transition: assessing low carbon community programmes in the UK' in Bickerstaff, K., Walker, G. and Bulkeley, H. (Eds.) Energy justice in a changing climate, London: Zed Books: 61-78
  • Atkinson, S., Fuller, S. and Painter, J. (2012) 'Wellbeing and Place' in Atkinson, S., Fuller, S. and Painter, J. (Eds.) Wellbeing and Place, Farnham: Ashgate: 1-14.
  • Hagell, A., Curtis, S., Daya, S., Khatib, Y., Pain, R., Rothon, C. Stansfeld, S. and Fuller, S. (2012) 'Some thoughts on the broader context: neighbourhoods and peers' in Hagell, A. (Ed.) Changing Adolescence: Social trends and adolescent mental health, Bristol: Policy Press: 151-164.
  • Fuller, S., Bickerstaff, K., Khaw, F-M. and Curtis, S. (2010) 'Communication about 'persistent' environmental risks: Problems of knowledge exchange and potential of participative techniques' in Bennett, P., Calman, K., Curtis, S. and Smith, D. (Eds.) Risk Communication and Public Health, Oxford: OUP: 261-278.

Other research reports

  • Bulkeley, H and Fuller, S (2012) Low carbon communities and social justice, Viewpoint for Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Curtis, S, Fuller, S, Khaw, F-M and Foster, K. (2008) Review of research evidence concerning factors influencing public interpretations and responses to risk communication, Report for Health Protection Agency
  • Fuller, S, Lucas, K and Brooks, M (2008) Addressing the social dimensions of environmental policy: a study on the links between environmental and social sustainability in Europe, Work Package 3 Report to Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, European Commission
  • Lahtemaki-Smith, K, Fuller, S and Bohme, K. (2005) (eds.) Integrated Multi-level Analysis of the Governance of European Space, Stockholm: Nordregio Working Paper 2005:2
  • Lucas, K, Fuller, S, Psaila, A and Thrush, D. (2004) Where there's a will, there's a way: Prioritising local environmental concerns within neighbourhood renewal, York: YPS for Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Lucas, K, Ross, A and Fuller, S. (2003) What's in a name? Local Agenda 21, community planning and neighbourhood renewal, York: YPS for JRF

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