Department of Geography and Planning

Associate Professor Andrew McGregor

GEOPLAN - Andrew McGregorPosition: Associate Professor
Location: W3A 412
Telephone: +61-2-9850 7993

My research falls under the broad umbrellas of human geography, political ecology and development studies. I am particularly interested in the ways post-structural political ecology and post-development can inform our understanding about environment and development issues. I currently have three main areas of interest:

1. REDD+ as a new form of global environmental governance: I am leading a large international research program exploring REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) in Indonesia from the perspective of eco-governmentality, commodity chains and community agency. The project focuses on how environmental politics is shifting in response to this new global initiative.

2. Activist geographies: I am interested in how environmental activists call on concepts of nature and place as part of their politics. I am currently researching how vegan movements problematise contemporary human-nature understandings to promote new alternatives in terms of ethics, environment and behaviour.

3. Geographies of aid: I am interested in reconceptualising aid as a cultural process rather than a technocratic one and looking at how this affects how aid is done and where. Through this lens I have analysed religion and development as well as human rights politics and policies and looked for openings for more effective aid policies.

Most of my research focuses on the Southeast Asian region, particularly Timor-Leste, Myanmar and Indonesia, as well as Australia and New Zealand. I also have a strong interest in environment ethics and teach a class on Attitudes to the Environment (GSE800). I welcome research enquiries on any of these or related topics.

For research publications see profile on Google Scholar.