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Professor Louise D'Arcens

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Professor Louise D'Arcens

Position: Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2013-17)

Contact details

Office: Australian Hearing Hub, Level 2 North
Phone: +61 2 9850 8883


BA, Hons I(USyd 1990); PhD (USyd 1997)


Louise's main current research area is medievalism. Medievalism examines post-medieval receptions and constructions of the Middle Ages, and considers the impact of these constructions on modern cultural, political, and social life. Her current research is on comic representations of the medieval past, trans-historical emotion, and how ideas about the medieval past have figured in modern political cultures. She has also worked extensively on the long afterlife of the Middle Ages in Australian cultural life. Her 1997 PhD thesis examined the concepts of political and literary authority in the writings of medieval women, and she maintains an interest in this area, publishing academic work on the 15thC French writer Christine de Pizan.

She is an Associate Investigator (2012-17) in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. For a snapshot of her work with the Centre, see

She has been leader of the Cultural Memories research theme of the ARC Network for Early European Research (2007-09), and co-ordinator of the Network's Australasian Medievalisms research cluster (2006-09).

She is a current member of the Australia and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (ANZAMEMS), and acts as a referee for numerous national and international presses, journals, and research funding bodies.

Selected Grants and Awards:

Louise currently holds an ARC Future Fellowship for the project "Comic Medievalism and the Modern World" (2013-17).

She was also a Chief Investigator on the ARC Discovery Grant for the project "Medievalism in Australian Cultural Memory" (2008-2011), along with first-named CI Professor Stephanie Trigg (University of Melbourne), Associate Professor Andrew Lynch (University of Western Australia), and Professor John Ganim (University of California, Riverside).

In 2009 she was awarded an Australian Academy of Humanities / British Academy Special Joint Project grant, with Dr Chris Jones (St Andrews), for the project "Fossil and Root: A Comparative Study of Anglo-Saxonism in Nineteenth-Century British and Australian Poetry".


Louise has supervised, and continues to supervise, a number of PhD theses in:

  • medievalism
  • Medieval and Early Modern literature
  • Australian literature
  • Women's writing
  • Literary and cinematic representations of the past

Selected Publications

Scholarly books

Laughing at the Middle Ages: Comic Medievalism (Boydell and Brewer, 2014)

Old Songs in the Timeless Land: Medievalism in Nineteenth-Century Australian Literature (Brepols / University of Western Australia Press, 2011)

Edited books

The Cambridge Companion to Medievalism, ed. Louise D'Arcens (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

International Medievalism and Popular Culture, eds. Louise D'Arcens and Andrew Lynch (Cambria, 2014)

The Unsociable Sociability in Women's Lifewriting, eds. Anne Collett and Louise D'Arcens (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

Maistresse of My Wit: Medieval Women, Modern Authors, eds. Louise D'Arcens and Juanita Ruys (Turnhout: Brepols, 2004)

Edited journal issues

''Emotions, Philosophy, and History in Cinema", Screening the Past, forthcoming July 2016, eds. Louise D'Arcens and Robert Sinnerbrink

'Comic Medievalism' special issue of Postmedieval 5 (2), 2014, ed. Louise D'Arcens

'Literature and Impact', special issue of Australian Literary Studies, (28:3, 2013), eds. Leigh Dale and Louise D'Arcens 'The Medievalism of Nostalgia', special issue of Postmedieval 2 (2), 2011, eds. Helen Dell, Louise D'Arcens and Andrew Lynch

'Medievalism, Colonialism, Nationalism', special issue of Australian Literary Studies 26: 3-4, (2011), eds. Louise D'Arcens, Andrew Lynch, and Stephanie Trigg

'Screening Early Europe', Special Issue of Screening the Past, ed. Louise D'Arcens (26) December 2009)

Scholarly book chapters

2017 forthcoming: 'Crusading and Medievalism', in The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the Crusades, ed. Anthony Bale.

2017 forthcoming: "Laughter, Emotions, and Community", in The Ashgate Research Companion to Medieval and Early Modern Emotions, eds. Susan Broomhall and Andrew Lynch

2016 forthcoming: "The Crimson Thread of Medievalism: Blood, Love, and Shame in Colonial Australia", The History of Heritage: Emotions in Blood, Stone and Land, ed. Alicia Marchant (Routledge), pages t.b.a.

2016: "Introduction: Medievalism: Scope and Complexity", in The Cambridge Companion to Medievalism, ed. Louise D'Arcens (CUP, in-press) pp.1-13.

2016: "Serving Time: The BBC 'Knight's Tale' in the Prison-House of Free Adaptation", in Chaucer on Screen: Absence, Presence, and Adapting the Canterbury Tales, eds. Kathleen Kelly and Tison Pugh (Ohio State University Press), Accepted July 2015, in-press.

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Medievalism in Australian Cultural Memory website:

Media Articles

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