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Dr Ryan Twomey

Ryan TwomeyPosition: Lecturer in English
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Office: W6A 621
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BA Hons (ACU), M.Ed (UNE), PhD (UNSW)


Ryan Twomey's main areas of research are nineteenth-century literature and the genre of juvenilia. His PhD thesis investigated the role that juvenilia plays the development of the child writer into the adult author. He is currently working on the rediscovery of juvenilia manuscripts in conjunction with the Juvenilia Press at the University of New South Wales and students from Macquarie University. Ryan's full-length study of the role juvenilia played in the adult authorship of Emily Brontë, William Harrison Ainsworth, George Eliot, and Maria Edgeworth is available through Hes & De Graaf publishers (2012). Ryan teaches both internal units, and in Macquarie's Open University Australia (OUA) program

Selected publications


Twomey, Ryan. 'The Child is Father of the Man': Importance of Juvenilia in the Development of the Author. Netherlands, Hes & De Graaf, 2012. ISBN: 9789061945215

Edited Books

Ainsworth, William Harrison. The December Tales: A Selection. Ryan Twomey and Jennifer Simkins, (eds). Sydney: Juvenilia Press. Forthcoming.

Edgeworth, Maria. Norton Critical Edition of Castle Rackrent. Ryan Twomey, (ed). New York: Norton, 2014. ISBN: 9780393922417

Edgeworth, Maria. The Double Disguise. Christine Alexander and Ryan Twomey, (eds). Sydney: Juvenilia Press, 2014. ISBN: 9780733433207

Book chapters

Twomey, Ryan. "Oedipus in Vinci: Parental Dynamics in True Detective Season 2", Scott F. Stoddart and Michael Samuel, (eds). True Detective: A Collection of Critical Essays on the HBO Series. Forthcoming 2017.

Twomey, Ryan. "Experimenting with Home: Maria Edgeworth and the Development of the Regional Tale", David Owen and Lesley Peterson, (eds). Home and Away: The Place of the Child Writer. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 2015. ISBN: 9781443880824

Journal articles

Twomey, Ryan For "Family and Intimate Visitors Only": The Influence of Maria Edgeworth's Juvenilia on the Production of her Adult Dramas. For a special issue of the Children's Literature journal Bookbird on "'Another Children's Literaure': Writing by Children and Youth". Forthcoming 2017.

Twomey, Ryan. "An Allusion in Maria Edgeworth's The Double Disguise to the Historical Poisoning at the Castle Inn at Salt Hill", Notes and Queries, Oxford University Press. Forthcoming 2017.

Twomey, Ryan & Carrigy, Daniel. "Richard Steele's Female Readers and the Gender Politics of the Public Sphere in The Spectator" Sydney Studies in English. Forthcoming 2017.

Twomey, Ryan. "An Estonian Quotation in Edgeworth's 'Castle Rackrent'", Notes and Queries Vol. 63 (2), June 2016. (pp. 212).

Twomey, Ryan. "Maria Edgeworth's youthful influence on Sir Walter Scott's Waverley", Sydney Studies in English, Vol. 41, May 2014. (pp. 47-60)

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    ENGL120 - Approaches to English Literature
    ENGL209 - Children's Literature
    ENGL370 - Reason, Imagination, Revolution: Pope to Austen
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