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Dr Lee Christine O'Brien

Lee O'BrienPosition: Lecturer
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Office: W6A 633
Phone: 61-2-9850 8776
Fax: 61-2-9850 6593


BA Hons (NSW)
MA Hons (Macq)
PhD (Macq)


Lee's interests include the recovery of the work of nineteenth-century women poets, the impact of the ballad on nineteenth-century women's lyric poetry, the poetry of Rosamund Marriott Watson and Augusta Webster, the cultural politics of genre, the nineteenth-century literary marketplace and popular literature. Her current research project is a study of sensation and detective fiction, 1860- 1960.


"Reading/Writing the Forgotten: the Poetry of Mary Boddington," Victorian Poetry 41.4 (2003): 473-481.
"Boddington's 'The Winter Invitation'," The Explicator 65.2 (2007): 75-78. 
"Uncanny Transactions and Canny Forms: Rosamund Marriott Watson's Märchen," appears in Victorian Poetry 46.4 (2008): 429-450. 
"The Were-Wolf and Jack the Ripper: the Monster and/as History in Rosamond Marriott Watson's 'A Ballad of the Were-Wolf'," in Remaking Literary History, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2010).

"The Aesthetics of Crime and the Play of Genre in E. W. Hornung's Raffles Stories" published online in English Studies 26 June, 2015. DOI:10.1080/0013838X.2015.1045731 (print to follow).

Essay on Rosamund Marriott Watson in Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature. Dino Franco Felluga, Pamela K. Gilbert, and Linda K. Hughes, eds. Published 1 August, 2015.

Gladys Mitchell's Mrs. Bradley: Detection, Difference, and The Rising of the Moon (1945). Forthcoming (2017) in Clues: A Journal Of Detection.

The Romance of the Lyric in Nineteenth-Century Women's Poetry: Experiments in Form. The University of Delaware Press, 2013.

  • ENGL108 Literature and the Political
    ENGL120 Approaches to English Literature
    ENGL206 Gothic Visions
    ENGL314 Victorian Literary Culture
    LIT801 Nineteenth-Century Literature
  • Convenor ENGL108
    Convenor ENGL 206
    Convenor ENGL314
    Convenor, English Department Research Seminars

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