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Dr Geoff Payne

Geoff PaynePosition: Lecturer in English
Contact Details
Office: W6A 631
Telephone: (02) 9850 8726
Fax: 61-2-9850 6593


BA (Hons): Macquarie University, 2000
PhD: Macquarie University, 2007


Geoff's interests include the connection between literary modes and the history of ideas in Britain during the long eighteenth century, with special emphasis on the nature of chaos and the politics of home; the younger generation of British Romantic poets (especially Byron and Shelley); the connection between literary and political discourse; and Marxist and Cultural Materialist theory. He is currently engaged in research projects exploring the representation of Chaos in British literature during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and shifting notions of Home between the English and French Revolutions. 

Selected publications

  •  Dark Imaginings: Ideology and Darkness in the Poetry of Lord Byron. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2008.


  • ENGL108: Literature and the Political
  • ENGL394: Literary Studies A: Reason, Imagination, Revolution: Literature and Culture from Pope to Austen
  • ENG110: Approaches to Literature
  • ENG320: Victorian Literary Culture
  • ENG390: Textual Practices (capstone) 

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