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Dr Alys Moody

Dr Alys Moody

ENGL-Alys Moody
Position: Lecturer in English
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Office: W6A 620
Phone: 61-2-9850 7057


BA (Hons I), MPhil (Syd), DPhil (Oxon)


Alys specialises in twentieth and twenty-first century literature, with an emphasis on modernism and its contemporary heirs. Her research investigates how modernism has spread beyond its conventional resting place of early twentieth-century Europe and the US, and how the persistence and proliferation of its aesthetic ideas have shaped how we in the twenty-first century think about literature and its role in society.

She has two major projects in process, exploring different aspects of this central interest. Her monograph, The Modernist Art of Hunger: Aesthetic Autonomy in Crisis, looks at the chequered fate of aesthetic autonomy-the idea that literature should remain separate from, and untainted by, the financial, political or social demands of the world at large-for modernism's heirs. It argues that as this idea repeatedly came under attack throughout the twentieth century, writers turned to hunger as a way of describing aesthetic autonomy's perilous position.

With Stephen J. Ross, she is also the editor of an anthology of source texts for global modernism, currently under contract to Bloomsbury. In collaboration with scholars and translators from the US, the UK and elsewhere, this volume assembles original essays and manifestoes by writers, artists and other practitioners who have practiced modernism in locations-from China and Japan to Turkey and the Middle East to Africa to Latin American to Oceania-not usually associated with the term. Together, these texts help us to reflect on what modernism has meant for writers around the world, and how modernism changes when it becomes global modernism. Before coming to Macquarie in 2016, she taught at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and the University of Oxford, where she received her doctorate.

Selected publications

"Eden of Exiles: The Ethnicities of Paul Auster's Aesthetics." American Literary History 28.1 (2016): 69-93.

"Waiting for Godot in New Orleans: Modernist Autonomy and Transnational Performance in Paul Chan's Samuel Beckett." Theatre Journal 65.4 (2013): 537-57.

"The Non-Lieu of Hunger: Post-War Beckett and the Genealogies of Starvation." Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 24 (2012): 261-74.

"Tasteless Beckett: Towards an Aesthetics of Hunger." symploke: A Journal for the Intermingling of Literary, Cultural and Theoretical Scholarship 19.1 (2011): 55-73.

Book Chapters and Catalogue Essays

"'Conquering the Virtual Public': Jean-Paul Sartre's La Tribune des Temps Modernes and the Radio in France." Broadcasting in the Modernist Era, 1922-1962. Ed. Matthew Feldman, Erik Tonning, and Henry Mead. London: Bloomsbury, 2014: 245-65.

"Katherine Griffiths: Naturally Beautiful." Catalogue essay, in Katherine Griffiths. Brisbane: Queensland Centre for Photography, 2014.

Encyclopedia entries

"Australian Literature." The Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies. Ed. Sangeeta Ray and Henry Schwarz. Malden, MA: Blackwell, forthcoming 2016.

Books reviews

"The Fleshy Side of the Mind." Review of Small Acts of Disappearance, by Fiona Wright. Sydney Review of Books (20 November, 2015):

Review of Samuel Beckett: Laughing Matters, Comic Timing, by Laura Salisbury. Journal of Beckett Studies 23.1 (2014): 146-49.

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Review of Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies: Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui, edited by Erik Tonning, Matthew Feldman, Matthijs Engelberts, and Dirk Van Hulle. The Beckett Circle: Newsletter of the Samuel Beckett Society 34.2 (Fall 2011).

  • ENGL203 Contemporary Literature
  • ENGL208 Reading Theory
  • ENGL219 Pulitizers, Bookers, Nobels: Prize-Winning Books
  • ENGL305 Modernism
  • ENGL702 Twentieth-Century Literature