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Associate Professor Hsu Ming Teo

Position: Associate Professor in English
Office: W6A 629
Phone: 61-2-9850 7018
Fax: 61-2-9850 6593


BA Hons (Sydney) PhD (Sydney)


Hsu-Ming is a novelist and cultural historian whose interdisciplinary research engages with history and fiction. Her first novel Love and Vertigo (2000) won The Australian/Vogel Literary Award and was shortlisted for the Dobbie Literary Award and the inaugural Tasmania Pacific Region Prize. It has been translated into Chinese, Thai, German and Italian. Her second novel Behind the Moon (2005) was shortlisted for the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards. She is working on her third novel.

Her academic research has focused on travel literature, Orientalism and imperialism; gender, genre literature and popular culture. She specialises in analysing representations of historical phenomena in fiction and popular culture, and considering how readers/audiences engage with historical novels, particularly romance novels.  Her academic publications include Desert Passions: Orientalism and Romance Novels (2012) and Cultural History in Australia (2003), as well as a wide range of articles on the history of travel, Orientalism, imperialism, romance fiction, and popular culture.

Current research projects include:

  1. Editing The Popular Culture of Romantic Love in Australia
  2. Editing the Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Romance Fiction
  3. Writing a monograph on history and the romance novel

Hsu-Ming is an associate editor of the Journal of Popular Romance Studies, and an editorial board member of the Journal of Australian Studies, and the Australasian Journal of Popular Culture. Judging activities: Hsu-Ming served on the advisory panel of the Man Asian Literary Prize from 2007 to 2012 and judged the 2010 Man Asian Literary Prize. She judged the NSW Premier's Literary Award in 2007, and the NSW Premier's History Prize in 2013 and 2017.

Selected publications


  • Behind the Moon (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2005)
  • Love and Vertigo (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2000)
  • 'Road Tales of the Sultan of Pahang', Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 12:2 (2012)
  • 'Here and There and Over the Sea to Sky', Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home, ed. Kent Carter and Ali Lemer (Melbourne: Affirm Press, 2013), pp. 261-270
  •  'Fables of a Fractured City', Asia Literary Review, No. 19, Spring 2011, 159-167
  • 'Hot Chilli Mama', in Helen Addison-Smith and George Papaellinas, eds, Mumma's Kitchen: Recipes and Stories from My Mother's Kitchen, ABC Books, Melbourne, 2005
  • 'Ophelia 2000', ELLE, January 2000 


  • Desert Passions: Orientalism and Romance Novels (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2012)
  • Cultural History in Australia, ed. Hsu-Ming Teo and Richard White (Sydney: University of New South Wales Press, 2003)

Book Chapters

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  • ENGL 120 Approaches to English Literature
  • ENGL 121 Creative Writing 1: An Introduction
  • ENGL 233 Creative Writing 2: Concept and Practice
  • ENGL 307 Creative Writing 3: Narrative Fiction
  • ENGL 713 Creative Writing Seminar II
  • ENGL 714 Writing Creative Non-Fiction: An Introduction